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Alexa Milano: Helping the Next Generation of Students Transition To College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cabrini chapter.

Alexa Milano will always have a special place for Cabrini. At this beautiful campus, she made lifelong friends, found a career path she is passionate about and met her boyfriend.

As a student ambassador, Milano was interested in the admissions counselor role and is now part of the Immaculata University admissions team as her first post-grad job. Milano, who was an orientation leader, has excelled at helping others transition to college and now passes her kindness and advice along to current students.

“I love it! I love the people that I work with, I feel like we all just have a really good chemistry,” Milano said. “I enjoy going to work each day and I feel very lucky not only to have gotten a job a few months after graduation, but to have gotten a job that I love.”

Although her time spent hands-on in the admissions office and giving tours of campus are wonderful experiences, directly related to her job, all of the campus leadership roles, from news editor for Loquitur to Cabrini Activities Planning (CAP) Board president, prepared Milano for post-grad life.

“I feel like I learned so much through all of my different activities on campus that I can apply to my life and job right now. As much as I complained about the professional development classes, they were super helpful. It was great to have that resume, cover letter and interview experience before I actually had to use it. And through all the other activities that I was a part of, I learned a lot about time management and working with lots of different types of people and organization and lots of other transferable skills that are super helpful now.”

Some of her many notable accomplishments include her senior communication convergence class winning a Davey award.

“I also really enjoyed being a part of the communication department and I was so proud of our convergence capstone and winning the award was just great validation for the hard work that we put in our site.”

After spending four years making incredible memories on campus, switching from her busy life at Cabrini to starting a new chapter was a little heart-wrenching, but she is excited for everything that will come next.

“Life after graduation is good! It was definitely an adjustment, but I’m happy with it. Graduation is a bittersweet moment, and I miss Cabrini, but I understand that I had my time there and now it’s time to move on. Cabrini will always be home to me, but I feel fortunate to be working at a job that I love and living at home with a family that welcomed my sister and I back,” Milano said.

The simple things are usually the best in life and Milano misses spending hours as a freshman talking to friends, relaxing and catching up in the cafeteria, feeling as if no time went by.

Fast-forward to her senior year, which Milano writes, was one of her best.

“I think senior year as a whole was one of my favorites. I lived with my best friends and I loved going through our last year together with them and with Danton [my boyfriend] by my side. And I met Danton there, so obviously the times I spent with him mean a lot to me; the memories that we have all originated at Cabrini.”

As president of CAP Board, Milano also spent many hours in the SEaL office, which is usually filled with colorful paper, arts and crafts for an upcoming event and a whiteboard full of quotes in all the colors of the rainbow.

It is her favorite spot on campus.

The office played a large role in her career as she said, “I spent so much time there and loved being there. I can’t imagine going through Cabrini without being so active within SEaL.”

Milano and her friends do not all live in the same dorm anymore, but they still get the chance to hang out, just like in their Cabrini days. She explained that it was helpful that they all were going through the job searching and interviewing process together and could support each other.

Milano also visits her boyfriend Danton, who is a senior at Cabrini, which is a fun experience to come back and spend time on campus.

Milano advises all Cabrini students to enjoy their time on campus as the years go by fast, and to get involved.  

Yet students will have much to look forward to after graduation, including no more late nights spent working on essays or studying for tests.  

“I feel really lucky that I have a good home to live in and great friends from high school and college that I’m still close with. But honestly, it’s great not having homework. I know that sounds silly, but it really is great.”

Fun Facts:

  • She is a twin. She and her sister Maddi attended Cabrini together

  • Loves to bake and bakes something at least once a week.

  • Enjoys hiking and yoga

Alexa’s Campus Leadership

CAP Board President, LEADStrong Graduate, Loquitur editor and staff writer, Peer tutor, Student ambassador, Orientation Leader / Orientation Coordinator, Honors program

Jess is a senior communication major and Spanish minor at Cabrini College, a Snow White-like campus in Radnor, Pa. Although she was originally drawn to Cabrini because of the sprawling mansion, she knows Cabrini has much more to offer. She loves to write and was the former Perspectives editor for the school's newspaper, the Loquitur, where she was able to write fun opinion pieces. Jess enjoys being a co-captain for the Cavalier Dance Company and has been dancing since she was 10-years old. Jess cannot live without glitter,lipstick, diet coke and a healthy dose of celebrity gossip. You can catch her rounding up celebrity news and local events each week on Cabrini’s news show, Loqation News. Follow her on Twitter @JessicaParadysz and Instagram: JessicaParadise222.
Erica is a senior at Cabrini College, majoring in communication with a minor in Spanish and is a Campus Correspondent of Her Campus' Cabrini chapter. She loves writing and hopes to make a career of it one day. Despite being a commuter, you can most often find her in her second home: the newsroom. In her free time, you can find her catching up on the latest episode of "Pretty Little Liars" or "The Bachelor," writing about trending and entertainment topics, as well as obsessing over the latest news from Imagine Dragons.