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8 Reasons Why Sean and Catherine Lowe Should Be Your ‘Couple Goals’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cabrini chapter.

It’s no secret that social media has changed a lot over the past few years in several ways. This evolution has not only had an increasing impact on our society as a whole, but specifically on how modern relationships are formed and ultimately function.

Through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it’s become very typical for girls to look at and be a bit envious of the way celebrity couples or “social media famous” couples live and function, calling them their “couple goals.”

Recently over social media, one of the hottest “couple goals” has become Sean and Catherine Lowe, the final couple from season 17 of “The Bachelor.” Here’s why!

1. True Love

For those who aren’t too fond of watching “The Bachelor,” those of us who are know that it can be pretty typical for couples to end up splitting, no matter how fairytale-esque the proposal on a season finale may be. Shocking, right?! However, Sean and Catherine’s fairytale proposal in Thailand lead to them marrying in January of 2014, and now currently with a baby on the way! This happy ending could definitely be a goal.

2. Laid Back Date Nights

While they may no longer go on romantic one-on-one dates playing in the snowy mountains of Canada or watching the sunrise in St. Croix like they did on “The Bachelor,” Sean and Catherine still make the most of and spice up their somewhat average lives by going out to movies, for fro-yo, or even for a quick fast food run to a place like Sonic!

3. Insta-Goals

A relationship where a boyfriend or girlfriend posts frequent photos of daily life with their significant other isn’t everyone’s ideal. However, when it comes to a celeb couple like Sean and Catherine, it works pretty well! Whether it’s him posting a picture of her saying “This is the face of an angel,” or her posting a picture of them together for “#nationalbestfriendday,” their Insta updates are undeniably cute for anyone who is into the idea of “couple goals.”

4. Workout Buddies

Who can blame Catherine for not turning that idea down? Why work out alone or hire a one-on-one personal trainer when you can do your morning cardio next to a man that looks like that! It’s important to have some days to eat pizza or be lazy, but being someone who will also hit the gym with you is definitely a goal.

5. Travel Companions

Of course, there’s plenty to do in a hometown or in one’s immediate area. Sean and Catherine learned this when she showed him around her hometown of Seattle during “The Bachelor”! But being with someone who’s not afraid to jump on a plane and go on an adventure to see what else is out there will definitely make things a bit more exciting, even if it’s not on a private jet or helicopter.

6. Comfortability

The picture below says it all! Shouldn’t a goal of ours be to be with someone who you can be completely yourself around, and vice versa? Maybe that doesn’t mean laying in bed together with face masks but you get the idea!

7. “Netflix and chi-…buy a puppy with me!”

Anyone who has a Twitter and uses it frequently has to have seen the above phrase at least once. While “netflix and chill” is great and all, animal lovers have taken it to another level. All I’m really trying to say here is that having a dog with your boyfriend is definitely a common “couple goal” for girls nowadays!

8. Just Having Fun

Relationships can easily get boring after the honeymoon phase fades away a bit. Couples like Sean and Catherine are a living example of rocking the opposite of that though! Life is beautiful and there are endless things to do and places to explore, especially with someone you love. Why not add being spontaneous to keep a flame alive as a couple goal?

Whether you want to accept the fact that “couple goals” are a thing or not, it’s inevitable that this idea is going to circulate for a while, especially around the time of Valentine’s Day. Maybe Sean and Catherine are yours! The beauty of the concept though is that your “couple goals” can be whatever you want them to be, or you could even be your own!

(All photos were taken from Catherine and Sean’s Instagram accounts @catherinegiudici and @seanloweksu)

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