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7 Study Spots at Cabrini

There’s no doubt that Cabrini’s campus is beautiful. Why not enjoy that beauty and take advantage of the many study spots that our campus has to offer?

1) First up on the list is a spot that some students may not know of. Located at the left end of the second and third floors of The Iadarola Center, sits this hidden gem. Equipped with two chairs, a table, a whiteboard and a breathtaking view, this is the perfect secluded spot for the student who likes his/her privacy.

2) If you’re the kind of person who prefers to study in a louder and more stimulating environment, then try studying in Jazzman’s. This spot definitely has its perks. With all of the bustling activity around you, you’ll have people-watching entertainment for those moments when you need a break from your work, as well as a never-ending supply of food.

3) If the weather is nice, try heading outside to get some work done while you’re enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Located in the very center of campus on the Commons is the Peace Pole, a statue with a number of benches surrounding it. It’s in the middle of everything yet still is in a place that is quiet enough for you to be able to concentrate.

4) Another great outdoor location is outside of the mansion. You can either sit in chairs on the grass at the front of the mansion, or take a chair up and sit on the patio of the mansion itself. Both spots have gorgeous views.

5) If all else fails, simply head to the library. It’s FULL of great places to study, because that’s what it’s designed to do! If you like your peace and quiet, or if you’re looking for a great room to meet with a group to work on a group project, check out the fishbowl/bubble room. Located on the second floor of the library, this room has a table, chairs and a great view. It’s its own separate space, so feel free to make as much or as little noise as you please.

6) If you would prefer to be somewhere that’s more public yet still quiet, the library also has some great common areas. Upstairs, there’s a seating area with comfy couches and chairs, which can be especially great for commuters who are looking for a space to hang out and get comfortable.

7) Hidden behind the bookcases upstairs are also a number of tables and chairs, including this one!

No matter what level of stimulation, noise and activity you prefer to study in, Cabrini’s campus has plenty of options. Time to buckle down and study for those finals!

Deanna is a junior majoring in English with a minor in Psychology at Cabrini College. She is an active member of Cabrini’s Dance Team, a lover of dessert, and a huge fan of the TV show, Survivor.
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