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10 Things College Students Really Want For Christmas

1. Money/Gift Cards

College students always need money for textbooks and other school supplies. They are also going out with friends on the weekends and ordering food. If they have their car on campus they will definitely need money for gas, too.

Gift cards to places like Target, Chipotle and Starbucks are great stocking stuffers! It allows for students to treat themselves to new clothes, dorm essentials, dinner or that much needed afternoon pick-me-up for long days of studying.

2. Tickets

If a student is at a school that is out of their home state and takes public transportation home, ticket prices can really add up. Movie and concert tickets can be a nice break from the stresses of college and also offer a change of scenery.

3. Good pair of walking shoes

Students walk everywhere! A comfortable pair of walking shoes is always appreciated especially if they have busy schedules.

4. Winter Jacket

Since students are constantly walking from building to building a warm jacket is a must in order to brave the winter chill and snow. No one wants to be sick during prime sledding time.

5. Luggage

Luggage is much nicer to move clothes in and out of a dorm room with than trash bags. Luggage is also durable and can be used for traveling after college or studying abroad.

6. Movies

Netflix is awesome but it doesn’t have every movie you’d ever want to watch. DVD copies of the latest releases that a college student didn’t have time to go see will make for great movie nights with friends.

7. Portable Charger

College students are always on the move, which can take a toll on their phone’s battery life. They’re constantly getting emails from professors and texting their friends. Not everyone has the time to run back to their dorms and charge their phones or want to be tethered to a wall by the charging cable. And student athletes travel far for some competitions. A rechargeable battery makes charging smartphones easy and are very convenient as long as you remember to keep them charged as well.

8. Waterproof Speaker

Who doesn’t love jamming out to their favorite songs while in the shower? A waterproof speaker allows you to bring your music with you while keeping your phone safe from harm in your dorm.

9. Food

Students don’t always have time to run to the dining hall to grab a bite to eat or the money to go off campus. Ramen, soup, mac-and-cheese and snacks are great to have in a dorm for late nights studying or to snack on between meals.

10. Amazon Prime Subscription

This will come in handy for ordering whatever your heart desires and get it to you fast. Maybe there’s a book added to the class syllabus that you forgot to order and the campus bookstore is out. Amazon probably has it and for cheaper too.

Sophomore Digital Communications and Social Media major at Cabrini College. I am involved in LOQtion video news and I am a staff writer for the Loquitur. @ashley_sierzega
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