10 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break is almost here. I know, it feels like an eternity between anxiously sitting through the last class on Tuesday and finally reuniting with friends from home, complete with Pink Moscato.

It’s a stressful time, trying to finish up the semester, staring at assignment books with so much work scribbled in purple pen that you know you won’t actually finish.

You can’t help comparing yourself to everyone else who seems to have it all together. It’s tempting to crawl into bed, watch Netflix and pull a Sleeping Beauty until the semester ends.

You got this.

Thanksgiving is beautiful in the simplicity of the meaning. We should be thankful for what we have in our life. Nothing is perfect, but what kind of life would that be? We need to take the time to reflect on all of the amazing things we accomplished and look forward to the future.

Here are some things college girls can be thankful for:

Friends: Your roommate who makes you peanut butter sandwiches when you had a little too much to drink and listens to your vent sessions at one in the morning. Your friends from freshman year who have dealt with you through everything and you can say anything to, no judgement. You can’t forget your friends from home who you need to catch up with. They’ve known you since high school. When you hang out, trying to explain a whole semester of drama over appetizers, it seems like no time has gone by. These girls are the real MVPs.

Family: Mom/dad/brothers/sisters who always listen, cheer you on and support you no matter what happens. You can’t wait to spend time at home with some actual, home-cooked comfort food and relax. You can’t choose your family, but they will always be there, so try not to start a fight over Thanksgiving dinner about politics or if your sister stole your little black dress, ok?

Boyfriend/guy friend /something in between/it’s complicated: Whatever it is, he texts you in the morning and makes you feel happy and special. Just make sure he’s treating you right!

Yourself: You don’t need a man. You are strong, confident, glamorous and fierce on your own. Believe in your dreams for the future. You are the star of your own life!

This day: Each day is a new beginning. Dare to dream!

Now after all of that sappy stuff, we can’t forget:

Caffeine: The reason you can get out of bed in the morning and function with decent energy through classes, practice, homework, life, etc. Can Diet Coke come in an IV?

Red lipstick: Makes you feel like a Hollywood star with one swipe! When your nails and lipstick match, you feel like your life is on point.

Wine: For those days when you need something extra, but you can still feel classy about your drink choice.

Chocolate: Do I need to say anything more?

Netflix: Between Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday shopping you can finally catch up on Young and Hungry or watch whatever chick flicks you want!

Enjoy Thanksgiving break, Cabrini!