10 Simple Bucket List Ideas for Seniors

Graduation is less than 100 days away! Live up the last days on campus with some of these bucket list tips to help get you started:

1. Go on a trip 

If you can’t jet off to Cancun over spring break, get your group together and take a trip to Atlantic City. You could also take a road trip to visit friends from other colleges or a place you always wanted to see!

2. Celebrate your last dance in the mansion during the spring formal

Tickets are only $10 dollars for students and $15 for guests. Did I mention you have a choice of three drinks, ranging from wine and beer? It’s a fun night to get dressed up, dance with your group and say that you were in a mansion.

3. Go out for two dollar Tuesdays 

A new spot on Thursdays or going into the city over the weekend are also great options! You want to make memories that (hopefully) you won’t forget and take advantage of college nights at bars.

4. Go out to Minella’s at 2 a.m. and order whatever you want 

Are you feeling cheese fries or pancakes? Go for it! Stay up late and go out on a Monday because you can. You have to figure out your life and sometimes that involves putting off some responsibilities.

 5. Make some bad decisions 

It’s okay, this is the time to because after school, you need to pull yourself together and will not have the “I was in college” excuse. That will only last until May 22.

6. Stock up on $4 movie tickets from SEaL 

See whatever chick flick you want with your girls. It beats 13 bucks a ticket and once you graduate, you’ll never get a deal like that! It’s a cheap date night option too.  

7. Go out to a fancy dinner in Wayne 

This is the time to enjoy the little town that is only a five-minute drive away and pretend you live in the area. Grab your group and get all dressed up for a fun night of dinner, drinks and walking around the idyllic town. You deserve it!

8. Go to a Cabrini game 

Even if you don’t care at all about sports and would rather watch your nail polish dry.

9. Have a picnic outside with your friends

Okay, this may have to wait for the temps to get a little warmer, but you can soak up the sunshine in the spring! Bring your favorite snacks, drinks, music and a blanket. You can even make a Wawa run and bring it all back to campus. That’s all you need!

10. Grab a camera and take some pictures with your friends around your favorite spots on campus 

Campus is absolutely beautiful, especially when it starts to get warmer and all the Snow White Disney scenery comes to life. Pose on the back of the grand mansion steps or take a picture in front of your freshman dorm for memories’ sake.

Take new and old pictures from your Cabrini days and make a scrapbook. It might sound a little too involved, but even buying some inexpensive blinged-out picture frames or taping them to your wall is a great way to celebrate your time here.

Just remember to enjoy these 90-something days left with your friends. After graduation, everyone won’t live just a hallway or dorm away. Live it up, say yes to opportunities and just go for it!

What are some of your bucket list ideas?