Zodiac Signs and Enneagram Types Part Two

If you remember, a couple of weeks ago, we (Margaret and Sarah Claire!) posted an article introducing you to your zodiac sign and enneagram type (if you haven’t read it yet, check it out here). After a little data gathering (shout out to everyone who took our survey), we found some pretty cool trends in the similarities between zodiac signs and enneagram types. Today we only have half of our results for you, so be on the lookout for our next article! Without further ado, let’s break it down.


Out of our lovely survey-takers, 66% of our Geminis were either a seven wing eight or vice versa. Sevens and eights wing toward each other, which means they have a few traits in common. For our Geminis that turned out to be eights: we aren’t surprised. You’re our natural-born leaders, you’re strong, and you know what you’re doing. For those of you who lean more towards seven, that’s because you’re youthful, energetic side pops out a little more. We happen to love this about you!


Of our beautiful survey-takers, 33% of Leos were twos, and 33% were threes. Again, these two types wing toward each other, meaning they share quite a few similarities. Twos and threes are in the emotional sector, which fits the expressive Leos. Our Leos who are threes are competitive and they like to be the best, naturally. They also like to be popular, and they can be just a little possessive of their friends. Sound familiar, two Leos? That’s because twos love it when people like them, and they keep those people close.


75% of our stunning survey-taking Sagittariuses were twos, and they all wing towards a three. Sagittariuses are our optimists, which correlates to your two-ness. Things are definitely going to go the way you’ve planned them, no doubt about it. You’re also brave and adventurous, you like to do big things. Why? Because you’re a two, and you like for people to appreciate those big things you do.


Oooooh...looky here! 60% of our Tauruses are eights or nines. This makes a lot of sense; we get you, Taurus. Nines are known to be patient and chill, a lot like our wonderful Tauruses. Nines wing towards eights, so this second enneagram type connects as well. Nines seek peace around them, and eights work to control and create this peace. Tauruses are great and persevering and sticking to what’s important to them, a lot like our eights.


75% of our Pisces are twos or threes. We love this connection! Pisces are emotional, understanding, and empathetic, a lot like our beloved twos. Our threes are emotional as well, which matches the intensity of a Pisces. We had an unexpected result with this one: a type eight, but honestly, this type made a lot of sense too, since eights and Pisces are both protective of those they love.


Interesting things you had to say, our survey-taking Arieses. While we didn’t have a lot of you respond (it makes sense -- you have things to do and places to go -- we didn’t much expect you to stop), the results were a touch of crazy. Dare I say, a bit like you? We had a type three, which makes some sense. Threes and Arieses are intense, driven, and unstoppable. The tricky part of these results was our type nine…. Arieses and nines are generous an honest, yes, but this was a bit of a surprise. Snaps to you for being our curveball of the day!


Unfortunately, we only got one reply from a Scorpio. While this is certainly not enough data to draw any conclusions, our one Scorpio is a type seven wing eight, which makes quite a lot of sense. Both Scorpios and sevens/eights are intense and hold some weighty emotional depth. Shoutout to our one Scorpio for giving us a bit of insight!

Are you still with us? We know that was a good bit of information, especially for those of you who may not be familiar with zodiac signs or the enneagram, but we hope you've enjoyed it! We are so excited to share our final half of the results with you next week, so be on the lookout. That's all, folks! Thanks for reading!


*All the info presented here is from our own research performed through having participants fill out a survey we designed.