You Should Always Try

If college (and my mother) have taught me anything, it is that no matter what, if you want to do something, you should at least try. 

Throughout college, and life, there will be so many opportunities and experiences that will present themselves, and if you want to go for them, you should. As corny as it sounds, life really is too short not to try. There are usually, very few things that lie in your way and the two biggest things that will ever lie in your way is your fear and your excuses.

When you decide to go for something you want, you’re making a conscious decision to make your happiness a priority.  When you make your happiness a priority in your life, you are allowing yourself to be the best version of you. There is nothing in your life that will motivate you more than your own happiness, and you are the only person that can define what happiness means to you.

If you decide not to at least try, then you are settling. If you only have once chance in life, why would you choose to settle? Why not go after something that makes you excited? You can come up with a list of excuses or say you’re scared, but what are you really scared of and how valid are those excuses, really? Most of your excuses aren’t valid, and you’re probably scared of failing but failing really isn’t THAT bad. When you fail you learn, failing is not a sign to quit, it is a sign to try hard. The feeling of failing at first is nothing compared to the feeling of accomplishing something that truly makes you happy.

In the grand scheme of things, there are so many reasons to try and very few reasons not to, so always go for it.