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Why You Should Buy Your Costume Secondhand

In a time where climate change is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society, I wondered to myself what we could do to help save the planet while still being able to have fun and save money. Believe me when I say we all know that it isn’t exactly cheap to be sustainable as college students, and it’s definitely not easy with our busy schedules bouncing between our personal lives, school, and work. If you’re anything like me and stay up at various hours of the night concerned for our earth and the environment, then hear me out.

This Halloween, try to look at second-hand shops for your costume. Why? Because, depending on some costumes pieces and the material they are made out of, just one singular costume can have as much as 83 million bottles worth of plastic. It’s terrifying to think about what can happen to the planet if we don’t make a change, but don’t worry, I have you covered!

Here are three second-hand shops in Charleston where you and your friends may just be able to find your costumes this year!

Closet Case Thrift Find

If you ever find yourself in North Charleston, then you need to check out this small shop! Found at 1801 Reynolds Ave. Unit B, Closet Case Thrift has amazing finds at inexpensive prices starting at about $5 and up to $20 or $30! Despite their small size, this shop has all of your clothing needs and prides itself on its gender-neutral selection. Not to mention, their funds go to the We Are Family organization which supports and provides resources for LGBT+ individuals! However, the only downside to this store is that they currently are not selling children’s clothing, since they donate it to the Lowcountry Orphan Relief.

Uptown Cheapskate

Having both an online and physical store, Uptown Cheapskate is the perfect place for students looking to find gently used name-brand items! I mean, come on, who doesn’t love name-brand stuff at lower prices? With physical locations found both in North Charleston (4950 Centre Point Dr.) and Mount Pleasant (875 Houston Northcutt Blvd.), it’s definitely easier to find different clothing just by checking out the individual stores!  The pricing is definitely higher and starting at about $20 and up, but it’s hard to beat these deals when you have clothing from Urban Outfitters, Michael Kors, and Nordstrom to pick from!


Now, if you’re anything like me are don’t have a car, then fear not! Many of you have probably heard the name and even downloaded the app at some point, but Poshmark is an app where people sell their pre-owned articles of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and everything else. Though you may have to meet with the seller to pick up your items and have to run the risk of being sold an item that has definitely seen better days, the items are usually name-brand and sold at prices that are lower than the original cost. It can definitely be a lot closer too, considering us car-less folks tend to walk just about everywhere we need to!  

Halloween is a time meant to be full of scares and surprises, but it’s not so fun when the scares aren’t funny anymore. Be mindful of our earth this year, and buy from your small, local, second-hand shops!

Hi there! I'm a sophomore here at Cofc and I'm from Camden, SC. I'm also a psych major and creative writing minor! When I'm not in my dorm contemplating life, I spend my time shopping, eating, texting, or looking for the next cute dog to pet. I love to write about mental health, women's health, and LGBTQ+ topics.
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