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To all my fellow “Bachelor” fans out there, I know we are all wondering the same thing. When is Colton going to jump the fence? If you are not apart of Bachelor Nation, you have no idea what I am talking about. Let me tell you, you are missing out on the most “dramatic season yet,” according to Chris Harrison. I began watching “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” when I was in the sixth grade. Many seasons later, I can still say I am a devoted fan. As a member of “The Bachelor” community, I find myself often recruiting others to join me. Continue reading to find out why!

The drama is amazing

If you’re like me, drama is not very common in your life. Although this is a good thing, we all have those cravings for some tea now and then. If you are a weekly “Bachelor” watcher, you get the satisfaction you need. Watching “The Bachelor” is a great opportunity to see girls throw one another under the bus without being directly involved.

Being a viewer creates friendships

I am truly impressed by the number of friends I have made by using “The Bachelor” as a conversation starter.

It’s fun to cringe with your friends

I agree that second-hand embarrassment is probably the worst thing you can feel. But, when you’re with your friends, cringing can be fun. We love those awkward dates! [1]

It’s a competition

Who is your favorite contestant?

It’s romantic

I don’t only watch for the intriguing drama. It’s heartwarming watching people fall in love. If they are there “for the right reasons,” that is.

It’s an excuse to drink wine on a Monday

It’s not a viewing party without Rosé… if you’re 21, of course.

You can have the whole “Would you go on this show?” conversation

I have had this conversation too many times to count. To do the traveling, the answer is yes. To date the same guy as my ten other best friends, the answer is no.


It provides travel inspiration

The Bachelor brings its viewers all over the world with them. The destinations the cast travels to are amazing. I have definitely added a view bullets to my bucket list after watching every Monday.


Apparently, Bachelors jump fences now

What’s better than the Bachelor jumping a fence and Chris Harrison not being able to find him?

Bachelor Nation welcomes you!


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