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Why Pro-Life Men Should Get a Vasectomy or Shut Up

First off, these men are not pro-life, they are pro-forced-birth and pro-controlling women. Secondly, men are responsible for more unwanted pregnancies than women are. A woman can only be pregnant ONCE for 9 months whereas most men can get at least one person pregnant every single day until they die. They don’t have to face the repercussions of pregnancy as directly as women though, which is why they have little empathy or respect for the women who do. They spread this narrative of women being “irresponsible” and “promiscuous” which is an outdated and demeaning way to describe women who are comfortable expressing themselves sexually. Sex is natural and it doesn’t just exist for reproduction.  

Pro-lifers often bring up the pain the fetus feels when being aborted; that argument is invalid since pain receptors in fetuses are not developed until the third trimester. If they really cared about the pain aspect of unwanted pregnancies, they should care about the pain that the already-living woman is in. The third-trimester abortion debate is completely ignorant, by the way. No one carries a baby that long then all of a sudden thinks “oh nevermind” and aborts it. The only reason abortions could possibly happen that late is if the baby or mother’s life is at risk.   

Let’s talk about birth control. No birth control is 100% effective, and most of the methods we use cause horrible side effects. Not to mention, many men reject the use of condoms for their own pleasure while again, risking pregnancy and paying no mind to their actions in the process. Men value their pleasure over the risk of impregnation but refuse to take responsibility for it. In a study done by The World Health Organization, men wouldn’t accept any form of hormonal birth control because of the side effects that women have experienced for years while using birth control, such as depression and weight gain. But they’re just expected to grin and bear it for men. 

The fix: vasectomies. They’re safe, have a short recovery period, are the single most effective birth control, and are completely REVERSIBLE. I’m in no way saying that men HAVE to get one, but men who are going to complain about unwanted pregnancies and protest abortions need to get them. It’s such an easy fix to their “problem” of abortion yet they won’t agree to it because they want to control their own bodies! The hypocrisy is spelled out right in front of them, yet they fail to see it.  

Finally, I’d like to add that no woman is excited to get an abortion, they really don’t want to get one; it’s a difficult decision that someone has to make that can be emotionally and physically traumatizing. They don’t need added guilt from men who could never relate to them, and anti-choice women, shame on you for falling into their trap. I hope you can see the light one day. If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t have one. Plain and simple, it’s your choice, but don’t bring other women down for doing what’s right for them.  

No uterus, no opinion.  So men, please, get a vasectomy, or shut up.   


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