Why Kudu Coffee is the Best Coffee Shop in Charleston

When I was in high school I always did my homework in coffee shops, so after coming to college I was determined to find the perfect coffee shop in Charleston. After a few minutes of looking on Pinterest I found the perfect place: Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer. Here's why it is my personal favorite and why it should be yours too!  

  1. 1. The Location

    Even though it is not located on CofC’s campus, it is just off of King Street on Vanderhorst Street, making it a super brisk and enjoyable walk!  

  2. 2. The Coffee

    Their coffee is the best! Some people actually say it is better than Starbucks! I know, how can one say that? But it is so true and I have yet to find a drink there that I did not like. (If you are wondering, my personal fav is their iced vanilla latte!) To make it even better, the prices are affordable, making you want to come back again and again! (Once you start going you can’t stop!)  

  3. 3. The Food

     I know it is a coffee shop, but how can a coffee shop have such good food?! From croissants, muffins, cookies to sandwiches the list just goes on! When my twin sister came to visit I took her here and...hands down the best croissant she has ever had!

  4. 4. The Atmosphere:

    The natural lighting, smell of coffee, music (they sometimes play Queen), and worn wood create a cozy hip feeling. They have outdoor seating which is perfect for the warm Charleston weather! There is something about this place that puts me into work mode and I can get stuff done!