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Kanye West is Re-Entering his Dark Fantasy Era Again…

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If you have digested any type of entertainment or music news recently, you have heard of Kanye’s name in it. In the past six months, Kanye has released his newest album Donda, has gone through a divorce, fell in love again, and released another single. Let’s just say Kanye has been hard at work. As a devoted Kanye fan, I have witnessed the many different phases of life he has gone through. Listening to his most recent release and watching his most recent move, I think Kanye West is re-entering his Dark Fantasy era.

Dark Fantasy was Kanye West’s fifth studio album released in the fall of 2010. This album carries some of Kanye West’s hit songs including “Power”, “Monster”, and “All of the lights”. This album truly depicted what is Kanye’s mind. The lyrics bring to light his thoughts on religion, love, and himself. He was extremely powerful was one of the most unbothered creators at the time.

He. Was. Ruthless.

During the time leading up to this album release, Kanye would speak on anything he felt like. In the previous year before this album dropped, Kanye performed his most shocking stunt. In 2009 at the MTV VMA’s Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift. He interrupted her acceptance speech to practically say Beyoncé should have won. This shocked the world and is still relevant to entertainment news. I bring this situation up because Kanye is starting to portray some of these same demeanors in his daily life. In the past few weeks, Kanye has not hesitated to bring up anyone’s name to the tabloids or the internet. With some things he has been saying, it brings me to believe he is re-entering his 2009 to 2010 ruthless phase.

There are also some hints in his music that he is re-entering this phase. Once again, he is calling EVERYONE out in his music. In his most recent release, “Eazy”, he calls his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, kids, and Pete Davidson. It shows that he is ready to speak and does not care who it pertains to. One other thing I noticed on this release was the actual beat. It is more upbeat and fast-paced like his music we saw on Dark Fantasy. This is something we have not seen from Kanye in the past two studio albums. Those albums were more faith-based with a slow and meaningful sound.

The last thing that really ties in my opinion is his newfound lover. Julia Fox is Kanye’s newest girlfriend and she has always been in the limelight. She was actually pictured for Paper Magazine with Pete Davidson who is Kim Kardashian’s newest fling (conspiracy theorists love this one)! She has had a very controversial past and is a very erratic woman, which makes her perfect for Kanye. The reason I believe she plays a role in Kanye’s re entree to Dark Fantasy is the song “Hell of a Life”. This is my personal favorite song on the album and it depicts this idea where Kanye falls in love quickly. The lyrics that most explain this are, “and got married in the bathroom honeymoon on the dance floor”. This correlates with him and Julia Fox’s relationship because it is moving so quickly.

Regardless of how Kanye takes his career, I will be a devoted fan. I hope I am right though because Dark Fantasy is my favorite Kanye album.

Jaccie is an Arts Management major with a concentration in the Music Industry. Aside from academics, Jaccie is a DJ at the College of Charleston's radio station, CisternYard Radio. Jaccie is passionate about agriculture, music, mental health, comedy, shopping local and self expression. You can find Jaccie walking down king street with an iced coffee in hand or having a study break at the Battery. Jaccie is a Virgo sun, Taurus moon, and Pisces rising.
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