Why Friendsgiving is Better than Thanksgiving

For me, Thanksgiving tends to be a bit of a stressful holiday.  Returning home from school to be greeted by relatives, all eager to hear about every detail of the semester gets overwhelming quickly. It can be intimidating to answer all the questions and fill in everyone while trying to enjoy the time off before finals begin. Enter “Friendsgiving”!

When my friends suggested we host a “Friendsgiving” at our house, I was excited. It sounded like a great way to spend some quality time together before everyone left for their respective Thanksgiving holidays with their families. Everyone signed up to bring a dish and the 12 of us were ready to celebrate.

As college students on budgets, we didn’t have the luxury of the extravagant meals we are welcomed home to but don’t underestimate the quality of frozen food! Microwaved green beans accompanied by rotisserie chicken and turkey, plus freezer burned pecan pie and melted vanilla ice cream all proved quite delicious. The quality of the food didn’t matter. All I really wanted was spending time with my friends, laughing and talking. The food was just a way to get us to a table together without books, laptops, and deadlines.

When you’re in college, your friends become your family. Your roommates become your emergency contacts and go to dinner dates.  Tuesday tea nights become a weekly thing and shower sing-alongs happen regularly.  Friendsgiving is not about the food or how the table is set with mismatched plates and cups.  It’s about your adopted family and how grateful you are to have them in your life.