Why the Evolved Barbie is Changing the Game

Barbie is known for setting trends. Girls have been playing with the fashion doll since the early 1900s. Until now, though, Barbie has always been perpetuating a desire for thinness with unrealistic body proportions.

Barbie’s new makeover changes all of that.

Barbie is changing the game and making strides for little girl's body image and self esteem with the addition of three new body types. Tall, petite and curvy.

The addition of these three body types is monumental for the brand.  But that's not the only thing they have included.  They've expanded the number of skin tones, eye colors and hair colors available to include a larger variety for girls to have and play with.  

But, what does this mean for girls and their Barbies?

It means girls won’t idolize unrealistic standards of beauty like the original Barbie perpetuated. Now, naturally curvy girls will have a Barbie that looks like them. Short girls and tall girls alike will have a barbie that looks just like them. It means that girls of all skin tones and ethnicities can find a doll that looks just like them.


Many have commented on the new Barbies since their announcement.

Richard Dickson, Mattel's president and chief operations officer and executive, said, “I think today, frankly more so than any other time, Barbie is truly representing what girls see."

The new and evolved Barbie is a doll the next generation of mothers can feel good about their daughters playing with.

It's definitely a step in the right direction, Barbie! And now Barbie really can be anything she wants to be. 


*All Photos from Mattel Facebook*