Why Applying for Jobs is like Online Dating

The job application process is stressful. It involves putting yourself out there and hoping you will be selected based on your merits. All we want is for a recruiter to swipe right on our applications, but being shut down hurts like a big fat denial. Sounds like online dating but I could be wrong… let’s take a closer look. 

1. Excited for the possibility of a new beginning

The process is exciting at the beginning, the possibility of a new job and, on the other side, a new relationship. You get invested reading all about what can be offered by this new prospect. A position has a list of responsibilities and opportunities, including where it will be located and what you need to provide to be considered. For a dating profile, a person’s hobbies and characteristics are all listed out, with a description of what they’re looking for in a partner. It’s all exhilarating, but there’s a risk of getting too invested in the idea of a specific opportunity. 

2. Getting invested in an idea with no guarantee of being rewarded

It’s all fun and games getting excited about the possibility of getting a new job or partner. I am the number one culprit for letting my imagination run wild with all sorts of fairytale possibilities, and I know I am fooling myself, but where’s the fun in thinking realistically? The problem with this is that with all the excitement you have to keep in mind, the job may not want to recruit you and reject your application. You could be talking to someone, and they ghost you. Both activities require protection of expectations. 

3. Promoting yourself 

I’ve seen some fun instances of people finessing unimpressive traits into golden qualities all through the choice of wording. It’s sort of like putting a furthermore or therefore in an essay; we’ve all done it to sound a little more cultured. A good resumé has to reflect what a job is looking for specifically, and without an eloquent description of your previous experience, your resume will be tossed in the trash. If you don’t have a good description on tinder (along with a good picture to reel in the prospects) then you will be swept left without another thought.  

4. What little time spent looking at the actual application?

On average, a recruiter spends less than a minute looking at a resumé, and the same goes for dating profiles. Moral of the story: have something that separates yourself from the other basics.

5. You better have a picture that represents you correctly

Look, I’m about to get real. I am a huge supporter of the it’s-what-inside-that-counts. However, for applying for jobs and using online dating, the viewers have a small picture and a glance at your qualities to decide if they’re going to give you a shot or not. So be sure your picture is professional LinkedIn quality for a job, and something flattering for a dating website. And at all costs, never opt out of having a picture, or you won’t stand a chance in either case. 

6. They’re looking for someone specific

Just remember, it’s not that you’re not a great option. You just may not be what they are looking for at the time of consideration

7. Waiting around for a reply is nerve racking 

It’s hard to stay optimistic when you don’t know if rejection or an offer is in your future. 

8. Getting rejected

In the case that you are rejected, it’s a hurtful blow. You take it personally no matter what you tell yourself. It makes you not want to put yourself out there and look for anything else. HOWEVER, are we going to listen to those instincts? No. Are we going to pick up another application? After some procrastination, sure. 

9. Shoot your shot 

At the end of the day putting yourself out there could lead to a whole new experience. So keep it up and trust that there will be a payoff at the end of your experience.