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Hello! Welcome to Kinslee’s guide to how to handle your feelings! I’ll describe a feeling and tell you the best way I’ve dealt with those emotions. I hope this helps anyone who needs some ways to cheer up or get outside recently! I know sometimes we all need a little boost in life!

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The best thing that I have found to do when I am sad is to do something for myself. Whether it be a nice hot shower, painting my nails, doing my makeup, or sometimes all of the above, doing something for myself always makes me feel better. It is likely that when you’re feeling sad, you don’t want to get up and do something. This activity may be a challenge for a lot of people, including myself. However, being able to do something for yourself often makes you feel better in the end.


Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, whether it be in school, work, or just all of it, I like to take breaks. This may sound counter-productive and you may just want to get everything done all at once. When I feel like this, I have found that taking a break is actually one of the best things to do! Taking a break allows you to step back and think about assignments and create a plan. Taking a break can also give you the time to do whatever else it was that prevented you from doing the work in the first place. Sometimes, feeling overwhelmed is our body’s way of telling us it needs a second to catch up. We get too busy in this world sometimes and forget that it will be okay. Next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try taking a break.


Whenever I’m feeling adventurous, I always like to call on my friends for a fun time! We will usually plan a place and time to meet or I’ll call them just to have someone to talk to. Being able to talk and hang out with other people is a great way to settle the adventurous feelings, especially if you visit a new place! If your friends aren’t around, of course, it’s always nice to go out on your own as well. You could go for a run down a new trail, or go study at a new coffee shop, or new place on campus. Going out on your own or with friends is a great way to settle the adventure craving!


Now I might be biased in this, but whenever I’m feeling nervous or anxious I always like to write. It’s good to keep a journal, and it always helps me process feelings better. Whenever I’m feeling nervous it’s usually for a silly reason that is completely misconstrued. Writing out my worries and being able to see how completely irrational they are helping me process my thoughts and show myself how I’m working myself up for no reason. Having a journal allows you to take a second out of the day for you just to check in with yourself, and can be very helpful at times when you’re feeling nervous or anxious.


The best thing that I have found to do in these situations when you’re feeling angry is to cut the person or thing that made you angry out of your life. This may be painful in some situations, but in the end, you will feel so much better and happier. It is important to remember that the person that made you angry doesn’t deserve to be in your life if they are constantly draining the happiness out of you. The thing that made you angry, to begin with, doesn’t need to be around to constantly remind you of those feelings. Toss it out. Letting go can be hard for everyone, but in the end, you will feel so much better and happier.

Hi, I'm Kinslee! I'm from Piedmont, SC and I'm currently a sophomore at the College of Charleston. I am majoring in Psychology with minors in Writing, Rhetoric and Publication and in Women’s and Gender Studies. In my free time, when I'm not writing, I'm usually reading by the beach with my girlfriend, or hanging around at the local cat cafe!