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What My Single Valentine’s Day Is Going To Look Like

One of my friends asked me the other day, “Jess, are you doing anything fun for Valentine’s Day?” And I answered, “Ha, no I’m single, so I mean I’ll probably just get myself a Valentine’s Day cookie and say Happy Valentine’s Day to me!” Self-love, not loathe, am I right?!

No, but seriously, what I am doing this Valentine’s Day since I am single?

First of all, definitely not watching, reading, or listening to anything romantic-themed. And that’s really hard because I happen to be reading a John Green book and have a three-hour Taylor Swift playlist on Spotify. Oh yeah, and not watching my favorite comfort TV shows like Orange Is The New Black, Outer Banks, or probably any musical-themed shows that include romances. This, unfortunately, includes Disney because although they’re awesome, 99.9% of them include some sort of romance. Sorry Disney…

Next, I’m helping my friends out with getting gifts for their significant other. I picked out this one gift last weekend and was so worried that it was not perfect for my friend’s boyfriend, but it happened to be cheesy enough. The gift was a checklist for “why you should have sex with me.” I don’t know, I just thought it was funny…

I’ll probably be dressing up in some sort of heart-shaped themed outfit in hopes that my heart will be filled one day (guys, I’m kidding, I am not that emo).

Also, I’ll be getting carnations for friends of mine. Yellow, of course. Partly because it represents friendship, partly because it’s my favorite color and flower, and partly because it reminds me of Princess Belle (oh wait, no Disney, right?).

No, but seriously, the Valentine’s Day cookie sounds pretty good…

So, for those who can relate with me, Happy Single Valentine’s Day to you!


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