Wanted: Artwork for LGBTQ+ Student Mini-Book

As a university where 1 in 5 students identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, it is a constant goal of the College of Charleston to provide an environment where students feel safe and accepted. However, some students believe that there is still work to be done for this goal to be met for everyone. 

LGBT pride flag and trans pride flag

The first LGBTQ+ CofC Alumni Event will take place this year on May 1. While this event is a big advancement towards creating a more inclusive campus, a few students decided to take the effort a step further by leading their own student project. Re/Visions: Life in Color is a multi-modal mini-book that will feature a collection of LGBTQ+ student work.  

Hunter Harrell, Chelsie Hagan, Emily Quinn, Josiah Thomason, Kai Campbell, and Claire Natiez are the CofC students behind this mini-book, which will be on display at the alumni event. Not only will the book highlight LGBTQ+ accomplishments at CofC, but it will also offer a vision of the future of LGBTQ+ representation and inclusion at the College. 

Natiez, a freshman at CofC, is excited about what the book will represent for LGBTQ+ students. “I’m hoping to begin a more meaningful dialogue surrounding the LGBTQ+ experience on campus, as well as showing our alumni the important work that our students are creating,” she says. “I feel it’s important to create more welcoming, accessible platforms to create art.” 

Submissions are now open for LGBTQ+ students to submit works for consideration to be featured in the mini-book. All forms of visual art/writing are welcome to be submitted. This includes paintings, drawings, poetry, short stories, sculptures, and more. Photographers are also available to take photos of student work for submission. All submissions should be sent to [email protected]. The submission deadline has been extended from March 12 to March 22. 

woman oil painting on canvas

This will be an incredible opportunity for student artists to display their work and be a part of a project that is larger than themselves. Students considering submitting work are encouraged to get creative and highlight their talents by creating something beautiful that embodies the theme of life in color.