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Tyler Boone ’13

Born in El Paso, TX, and moved to Charleston at age 6.

Year | Major:
Senior (2013), Arts Management

Career goals/interests:
To continue running King City Records and playing music!

Musical Inspiration:
Notable guitarists, including Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, and John Mayer.

Fun fact:
He has a twin brother!

Does your band have a name? What kind of music do you play?
We used to be called Red House, but when I met Mark Bryan (lead guitarist for Hootie and the Blowfish) and a manager when I was 20, they said we should change it from Red House to Tyler Boone. At first I was totally against it, but the band was all for it. It just kind of stuck. We play rock-pop-blues music.

When did you start playing music?
I started playing guitar when I was sixteen. I had to start singing when I was 18 because I was always a lead guitarist, and no one else wanted to do it when I started my own band. At first it was embarrassing but eventually it got better. It was a very long process to figure it out.

How do you feel before you get on stage? Do you ever get nervous?
Yeah! When I was 16 I was frightened, but I don’t think I look like it anymore. I’m always nervous that I’m going to mess up. I keep my eyes closed a lot, but I’m way more comfortable now.

I hear you have begun a record label called King City Records, could you tell me more about its origins, what it entails, and any plans you have for it in the future?
This band called Loners Society and Matt Megrue started it in 2009. It was mainly just for him, but we shared a guitar player with Loner Society. I met up with him this summer and I wanted to do more with it. We signed a band, Wrenwood and their record is coming out this late spring. My record Changing Pace was the first one released this past October. We are doing licensing with TV shows and have book tours and interns now.

What have been your biggest accomplishments thus far since being at C of C? (Whether it be musical, social, whatever)
When I first came to the College of Charleston, I didn’t really know a lot of college kids. So it’s really cool that I have a ton of friends. Some musical accomplishments with the band include opening up for a 5-time Grammy Award-winner, Christopher Cross, out at Boone Hall Plantation. We’ve also had the opportunity to open up for Grammy Award-winner Mark Bryan from Hootie, Elise Testone from American Idol, as well as platinum-selling artist Edwin McCain.

Anything else you are hoping to get accomplished before you graduate?
I was hoping to put on one more concert for the college, which I am. The Spring Jam for CofC radio. So in April there will be one more concert, maybe in the Cistern or George Street but I don’t know. Kids enjoy that kind of stuff, so it’s nice to plan those things.

 I am a sophmore here at C of C and loving every second of it! I'm a Psychology major and Political Science minor. You may find me around campus proudly wearing my letters or eating matzah ball soup. 4'11 in height 6 ft at heart. Can't wait to share with you my many adventures and some wonderful (and not so wonderful) experiences I have had thus far at C of C!
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