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New year, new me! Actually- let’s scratch that. New year, new fashion trends! With any new year, people are always looking for ways to spice up their life and start fresh. What better way to do that than by jumping ahead of the curve on all the latest shifts in the fashion world? Here’s a little hint: the “clean girl” aesthetic is no more.

For 2023, the later stages of Y2K have begun to take charge. Think less “Pocket Full of Sunshine” and more “Paris Hilton clubbing.” We’re talking messy eyeliner, dark colors, and hair like Serena Van Der Woodsen. This is called “indie sleaze,” where there’s less of looking perfectly put together- instead, you just threw on a loose mini dress, had five minutes to get ready and it just works somehow. The ultimate effortless party-girl aesthetic.

“But how do I achieve this??” you may be asking yourself. “What do I need to wear to feel like I’m clubbing with Paris Hilton??” which is a valid question. Luckily enough, I spend a tad bit too much of my time researching fashion trends, so, thankfully, I can give you a few ideas.

Sheer Fabric

There’s a certain allure to a sheer clothing moment. You can wear it with nothing underneath, or pair the lace with an item underneath it. For myself, I tend to just slap on a bralette and a sheer top, which technically covers you, but still gives the people a little sneak peek. Black is the ultimate sheer color to go for, but any top or dress you can find that’s sheer, grab ahold of it right now. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber have already been seen sporting this look in the last few weeks, and honestly, they look better than ever. Sheer detailing can take an outfit from 0-100 because of the mystery it creates. Its water-like fabric (if you go for a loose-fitting item) will make you look more fluid and ethereal- alluring, I should say.

Ex: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/90/19/3a/90193a86fd0cdf61c92afa5bdd5389c0.jpg

“Ballet Core”

This one is slightly different than the previously mentioned “indie sleaze,” but it has similar elements and gives you options if the dark aesthetic is not your forte. Little bows in your braids, ballet flats (I know, but bear with me), and legwarmers with ribbon are what ballet core is all about. You’ll want to search for colors like baby pink, cream, and white. This aesthetic is all about feeling like a coquette princess- which sounds pretty sick if you ask me. Put on a short satin frilly skirt paired with sheer (see above) tights, a nice fitting tank top, and bows made from a ribbon tied into your hair, and you will make anyone on the street be envious of your beauty.

Ex: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/2e/41/3b/2e413bb0a2bd25b64a7bc55a1b58f086.jpg

COlored Opaque Tights

Pops of color are always important, and there’s nothing like a good contrast on your legs to make them stand out. Colored tights are about to be big, especially colors like red and blue. These paired with a slip dress or a mini skirt will make anyone stop in their tracks in awe. Yes, it seems daunting, but give it a try. You may just find your next staple piece!

Ex: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/97/b0/3a/97b03a4105457e314c445ef5c69dce12.jpg

70’s Grunge Silhouettes

Boho. Fringe. Fur. Stevie Nicks. The 70s are coming back in full force with their love of effortlessly flowy silhouettes and loose-fitting pieces. The “cool girl” look you’ve been trying to perfect- look no further than this decade. A slip dress covered up only by a large (faux or secondhand) fur coat will scream “I am the coolest person in this room.” You’re going to want to look for slightly oversized bell-sleeved tops, long cardigans, lots of necklaces chunky metal belts, and long skirts. The best thing about this trend is that it has no real color palette- yes, it is mostly darker, warmer colors, but as long as you have the silhouette down, you will be good to go.

Ex: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/17/fe/61/17fe61d160dc9145edd2611ba54ea9e9.jpg

Moto Jacket

Last year, it was NASCAR jackets. This year, we are going full-on motorcycle. These jackets are peak Y2K containing a neck collar with a button across your neck. They are typically form-fitting and perfect to pair with a baby tee or tank top underneath. These are perfect to elevate any outfit and give you a staple piece with basically no work being done. Any color of these will do, but if your goal this year is to look like the epitome of a “cool girl,” I recommend investing in one of these.

Ex: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ae/bb/9c/aebb9c4723d16ea8162f4ac203a1ca82.jpg

Audrey Kelly

C of C '25

I am inspired by all things fashion and beauty! Thrifting is my favorite hobby, especially if I'm listening to Taylor Swift while doing it. My main goal is to spread body and self positivity for all genders through writing and fashion as much as possible.