Thank you from Her Campus CofC!

Since our founding in January 2013, Her Campus CofC was worked hard to relate to and be a part of the lives of every college woman who attends our amazing institution. We strive to be a voice for our collegiates, writing relatable, current, and timely articles about all things pertaining to life as a college woman. Through our seven article sections of news, blog, style, campus cutie, campus celebrity, event, and poll, we attempt to tap into the minds of college women to help them get by in their busy lives. We offer tips, advice, keep students informed on current issues, and feature some of campuses most noteworthy students through insightful interviews. Her Campus CofC recognizes the excellence found on our campus, and wants all of the hard work that our peers achieve to be noticed.

Her Campus CofC publishes articles constantly on our various social media accounts to keep our collegiates updated, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We are dedicated to informing our readers about all things going on around campus and helping them to achieve a more balanced college life. Through our talented team of writers, we create content that is suitable for a widespread collegiate audience.

"My favorite part about being a part of Her Campus at the College of Charleston is being able to show my family, my friends, and even prospective employers my published work. It's the coolest feeling ever, too... seeing your first article on the site. Actually, I still get the butterflies whenever any of my articles of published! It's great."

(a few of our team members after receiving a spring break survival kit from nationals!)

We are so eager and excited for the Her Campus CofC chapter to expand even further, and appreciate each and every person’s support in the process whether it be sharing a HC CofC article, liking our Facebook page, or actively engaging in our weekly polls.  Our team loves what we do, and we hope that you enjoy us as much as we do you! Next semester will hold even more exciting things for the Her Campus CofC chapter, and we hope you take that journey with us in continuing to support our organization.

"Her Campus College of Charleston has given me so many new skills and allows me to set constant personal goals for myself. I am so lucky to work with all of these phenomenal women who share the same interests as I do. Coming up with the most unique content for our readers is one of my favorite things to do at meetings, because we all get to hear about what other members of our team are thinking and expand on everyone's ideas. I will definitely continue to be a part of this amazing organization until my college career ends. It is a great work environment and so much fun to be a part of."

Have a great summer, collegiates! xoxo