Taylor Brobisky

Tell us a little bit about your blog! What inspired you to start?

I started Holy City in Heels in January when I was stuck inside for the ice storms! I had always followed a few fashion blogs on Instagram and via email, and one day I asked myself, “why don’t I have one?” From then on, HCH has taken off and given me some really amazing opportunities! My blog is all about fashion and fun, and I try to capture what I think a Charleston girl should be!


What does a typical day look like for you?

Usually, I start my day off by going to school and socializing in between classes. Then I head to work, if I am scheduled that day, at Madewell. Then I’m homebound to do homework and to schedule blog posts! On the weekends is when I shoot outfits for my posts!


What are your roles and responsibilities for Charleston Street Style?

My role with Charleston Street Style is being a Campus Ambassador for the College of Charleston. This means I schedule a day with our photographer, Terrence, and we go around campus for about two hours to “style stalk” students. I feel as though my responsibility is to find and illustrate the fashions and styles of our C of C Campus!

What do you hope to accomplish in the remainder of your college career? 

I really hope to gain some speed with my blog and to be consistent with it! I also hope to be successful in my studies and hopefully establish a nice balance between the two. Also, I want to intern and really explore my options for possible career choices.


Who is your biggest inspiration for both fashion and your career? Why?

My biggest fashion inspiration is Lauren Conrad because her style is so practical and chic. I always try to look chic and put together and she captures that look perfectly. As far as a career inspiration, I would love to be a pro blogger like Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. I’ve seen her blog and collaborations all throughout the fashion world and I would love to do that!



You're a very busy girl. How do you balance everything?

Well, I have to prioritize. First, I focus on school and staying ahead of the syllabus and homework. I then focus on work and being the best at the job I’m given. Aside from these two, I try and squeeze in time for my friends and fun! It’s all about what works for you and your priorities!

What has been the most exciting aspect of your career so far?

I have loved working as a stylist assistant on photo-shoots as well as modeling! Lots of opportunities come my way daily and I feel so blessed for each and every one of them!


What's coming up next for Holy City in Heels?

A LOT of fall fashion! Fall is by far my favorite season! Also, I hope to do some more interviews in my series as well as collaborations!


Last minute advice for HerCampus CofC readers?

As the Charleston Street Style Campus Ambassador, I would say always dress cute for an impromptu photoshoot! :)