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Sydney Sweeney X Frankies Bikinis: Is it worth it?

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We all imagine our favorite icons collabing together, and this time it really happened. Frankies Bikinis, female-led beachwear and lifestyle brand, collaborates with Emmy-nominations phenomenon Sydney Sweeney.

As stated on Frankies bikini’s website, it is recognized for fashion forward designs, innovative fabrics, and inclusive styles created for women of all shapes and all sizes. The mother-daughter duo, Mimi and Francesca Aiello, started designing bikinis out of their 2012 home in Malibu, and have built an internationally recognized company. They have collaborated with powerful women, and icons, like Gigi Hadid, Hailee Steinfeld, and Sofia Richie; and now the Emmy-nominated Euphoria icon Sydney Sweeney. 

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The collection, Love Letters by Sydney Sweeney, launched March 14th, 2023. Frankies Bikinis introduces the product as:

  • our sexiest collection yet launching March 14th at 9am PST / 12pm EST. Love Letters by Sydney Sweeney is inspired by the girl who follows her heart, with pieces that highlight Sydney’s gorgeous femininity and sweet romantic aura. This collection introduces bombshell bikini tops made to tease, one pieces made to flatter, clothing designed to inspire confidence, and personal details from Sydney herself.

Inspired by a romantic Italian getaway, this collection launches in two drops, starting March 14, with the second installment in early April. It really is one of a kind. In a press release regarding the new collab, Sweeney said, “I’m so excited for my collection with Frankies to be released. We really wanted to make pieces that, when worn, make you feel like your most romantic and sexy self.”

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In one of Sydney’s most amazing shows, and one of my favorites, Euphoria, her legendary jaw-dropping character Cassie wore a Frankies Bikinis sexy one piece in the legendary birthday party episode: Season 2, Episode 2. And now, Sydney has collaborated to make her own designs.

One of the favorites – my favorites – is the zola. An underwire bikini top in the color bambi with dainty flower designs with brown or green background. It comes in both underwire and triangle top; the same with the angle kiss print, that is Sydney’s actual lipstick print. It also comes in two bikini bottom styles!

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As for pricing, the bikini sells separately with the underwire bikini top starting at $120, and the Venice bikini bottom for $85. Sydney’s signature Kiss bikini top is $115 for the underwire, and $70 for the Nick Triangle bikini top. These bikinis are expensive; one underwire top can get you an abundance of bikini sets from Shein. But these bikinis are quality and made by Sydney Sweeney. And, just like the cost, the material aren’t cheap, so you’ll have these bikinis for years. So, as I see it, it’s worth it to wear Sydney Sweeney’s lip stick print.

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