Stay Safe, Classy and Smart This Summer!

As you all know, summer tends to be the season notorious for reckless behavior, late nights, and often times poor decision-making. It is the time of year that everyone looks forward to: no homework, no class, and no obligations. What could be better? Time to live it up and enjoy summer while it’s here, right?

Summertime activities are a favorite to all, whether it is lying out by the local pool all day, having a cookout with friends and family, or staying out until the wee hours of the morning just because you can. But, keep in mind that while enjoying these leisurely summer days, situations and problems may arise that will cause you to test your decision-making skills as well as your abilities in good judgment. In the summer, situations can tend to get a little unpredictable and out of hand.  It is always important to know how to deal with these situations should they occur, and also how to maintain composure. 


Alcohol Issues

We’ve all seen it happen, and there are so many ways that problems can arise when alcohol is thrown in to the mix of things. Fights, injuries, romantic drama, and careless behavior are just a few of the many troubles that can come out of a wild, summer night out. When you are faced with any of these issues, it is important to stay as level headed as possible. People who have been drinking are difficult to deal with enough, and adding more aggravated people to the situation only makes matters worse. Although it’s ideal not to have to face a situation such as the ones listed, chances are it’ll happen at least a couple times over the summer months. Always remember that you’re a lady, and that the decisions you make whether you’re intoxicated or not will impact you in some way. It can be extremely challenging to keep your cool when witnessing or being a part of a crazy scene at a party, but it’s also challenging having to explain yourself later after you’ve made a fool of yourself trying to intervene or argue back. Simple advice for situations such as this: take the high road. No one likes a trouble maker, and if you’re faced with this kind of conflict while out, the best decision you can make it to keep your cool and walk away with your head held high. 


Summer Romance 

Picture the cliché movie, where a summer romance starts off as a fling, and then slowly progresses into a passionate affair. You spend every moment of the summer together laughing and falling in love, and then you must go your separate ways back to where you came, eventually ending the romance and simply cherishing the memories of the wonderful summer you had together. 

Now, does something like that ever actually happen in real life? No, absolutely not. Summer romances are never as easy as the scenario I just gave, and more often that not it’s just a messy, hurtful, and confusing matter overall. When even considering the possibility of a “summer romance”, take a moment to think about how it’s going to affect you long term. Will it leave you upset, insecure, and vulnerable? Although summer romances may seem like a good idea at the time, they often just make your summer stressful from worry about what the other is thinking or doing, and they also end up taking time that could be much better spent with your friends who have been there all along. I’m not saying that romance in the summertime is bad; I’m simply saying that you should carefully consider the person that you are becoming intimate with before you choose to pursue it. Matters of the heart are never easy, but rather fragile and scary. It’s never fun to get your heart broken, so just be mindful and proceed with caution. 


Argument with Parents

After a year off at college with no rules, parental guidance, and living on your own, coming home for the summer with your parents expecting you to be in by midnight can be a bit of a pain. You’re an adult now, so why are you not able to do whatever you want, whenever you want? 

A lot of the time, parents are simply concerned about your well being when you’re off running around during the summer. They worry about you, just as they do when you’re away at school. The difference is that now they have you close by, and probably just want reassurance that you’re safe. Parents may play tough when they drop you off at school, but they miss your presence at home. And when they get the opportunity to have you around for extended periods of time, they want you to physically be around as well. Try not to get too irritated when your parents ask you to be in at an hour that you don’t see fit; maybe try to suggest a movie night with the family in negotiation for staying out at a later hour. Spend as much quality time as possible with your family while at home. The summer will be over before you know it, and then you’ll be sad you aren’t able to make up for that lost time. 


Stay classy, stay safe, and stay smart ladies. Remember these three things, and take them with you wherever you may be this summer. I hope it’s a wonderful one!