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Spring has finally arrived in Charleston! Now that the weather is warming up, we can start to enjoy all that our city has to offer again. Charleston has an endless supply of activities that are perfect for its beautiful weather! 

While they may be the most obvious and most popular destinations in Charleston, the beaches here are not to be missed this time of year. Visiting one of the beaches before summer means that you won’t have to experience the insane heat or overwhelming amount of tourists. I always suggest going to Sullivan’s Island over any of the other beaches due to its laid-back atmosphere and amazing restaurant choices. 

If you’re looking to stay downtown to experience spring in the city, try exploring a new downtown neighborhood. CofC’s campus is in Harleston Village, so if you live on campus, you’re most likely spending most of your time in one neighborhood. One of my favorite neighborhoods close to campus is Cannonborough/Elliotborough. Here you’ll find some great restaurants like Five Loaves Cafe, Xiao Bao Biscuit, and Sugar Bakeshop. Other neighborhoods to check out are South of Broad and French Quarter which is the oldest part of downtown Charleston and perfect for taking pictures.

On top of going to the beach and walking around downtown, there are so many more ways to spend time outside during one of the most beautiful times of the year. Starting on April 13th, the farmer’s market in Marion Square is coming back for the season. There are so many great vendors selling everything from produce to art. Spending time at the farmer’s market not only supports local businesses but is also a fun way to start your Saturday. During the week there are plenty of spots to sit outside and study. If there aren’t any tables left at the Addlestone Starbucks, head to The Rise or Kudu for more outdoor seating. Another one of my favorite places to visit is Colonial Lake; a quick walk or bike ride takes you to a peaceful spot in an otherwise busy city. 

Charleston truly has no shortage of things to do year-round, but spring really does bring out all that it has to offer. Enjoy the beautiful weather that has finally arrived by spending some time outside and taking advantage of living right in the middle of one of the most beautiful cities in the world! 


Hey there! I'm Sarah Beth, I'm a Junior at the College of Charleston majoring in communications. Hobbies include going to bed early, losing bobby pins and eating carbs.
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