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The Spring Break Polyvore Packing Guide

It’s time to face it, collegiettes:  we all have an eternal love-hate relationship with packing, and with spring break quickly approaching it’s not getting any better.  No matter how many packing lists we pin to our Pinterest boards, YouTube “what-to-pack-in-my-travel-bag” videos we watch, or weather apps we persistently update – it’s never enough.  The truth is, no packing guide is complete.  Yes, they are a good start, but you have to adjust them to your destination, timeframe, and personal style.

When it comes to packing, every time we look back in our closet and ponder whether we will need flats, boots, sandals, or wedges we end up deciding to pack all of the above.  The best way to avoid this is to pack specific outfits.  Include a couple basics that can be switched in and out of multiple outfits because we all know that what we want to wear depends on our mood in the moment.  Layers will be your best friend this spring break.  As early as our spring break falls, the weather is still in an awkward metamorphosis from winter to spring – especially for those of us returning home to northern states where winter is still very real. 


My current obsession?  Polyvore.  Users make “sets” by editing together their favorite clothes, accessories, products, and items usually creating outfits in the context of their inspiration.  It’s the ultimate site to scroll through if you’re feeling like your outfits are getting repetitive and you need a little encouragement to switch it up once in a while.  It’s also the perfect source to help you pack outfits for every possible spring break vacation destination!  Here are 6 looks from Polyvore to get you started packing for spring break!


1) Somewhere Sunny with Starbucks:  This outfit is super easy, trendy, and relaxed.  Start with statement high waisted shorts, add a cropped tee, Vans, and a couple unexpected accessories like these heart shaped sun glasses.  Wear it shopping in LA or on a Starbucks date catching up with old friends!


2) City Blues:  We’re about to leave for spring break and NYC weather is calling for snow.  Get cozy and bundle up, because that is going to be a drastic adjustment to Charleston’s no-snow-snow-days. 


3) Home Sweet Home: There’s nothing like the comfort of a well loved pair of jeans and a flowy tank top.  Add an oversized cardigan for absolute comfort.  If you’re going out to finally reunite with friends (and your favorite home restaurant) throw on a pair of heeled booties to complete the look!


4) I’m Carrie Bradshaw; I Can Wear Tulle If I Want To:  Leather jacket, sparkly stillettos, tulle, New York, Chanel…It’s a dream. Need I say more?


5)  Flying North for the Spring: Ditch the sweats and rock an alternative sporty look with coated jeggings, a styled hoodie, sneakers, and a jacket for extra warmth.


6)  Charleston Stay-cation:  If you’re staying in Charleston – no worries!  Take time to be a tourist this spring break, or make a spontaneous road trip to Savannah.  Don’t forget your camera!

Kaylee is a sophomore at the College of Charleston from Franklin, Virginia.  She has a passion for all of the arts from writing to dance to fashion.  Hoping to one day pursue a career as a museum curator, she is planning to double major in Arts Management and Historic Preservation with a minor in Communication.  Outside of Her Campus, Kaylee is the executive assistant of the CofC Fashion Club and a member of Circle K. 
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