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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Welcome to the next four years.

So you finally got out of your parent’s house, got to move out on your own for (probably) the first time, you’re excited about parties and all the new friends you are going to make but, I am here to tell you that all the college stuff you see on TV isn’t real (and if it is, it’s a very small percent) and give you some tips on surviving your first week of college.

Parties Kind of suck

Not to be a buzzkill or anything, but don’t expect what you see in all the movies and TV shows. Sure there will probably be some flashing LED lights and stale beer or two but it definitely won’t be in a big mansion with lots of snacks and famous people hanging around. Expect to see a lot of people on their phones or making out against the wall. Mainly prepare for it to be extremely hot and sweaty all throughout the house, to be squished tightly against people who are either way too intoxicated or in need of a shower, and for the love of God- be careful where you step.

Prepare for late nights

In all the media nowadays, students never seem to be doing schoolwork. They are usually out on dates, breaking into cool and illegal places, or at parties (see above) but the reality is that you are usually curled up somewhere on campus (whether it be your dorm, the library, or dining hall) trying to stay afloat with the mountain of work you have. Times like these when you are three energy drinks in you will start to wonder “Does what I am writing make any sense?”, “Is it too late to change my major?”, and “What if I just dropped out?”. Hang tight, my friends.

Read the syllabus

I know it may seem repetitive with all your professors saying it and you are probably getting tired of the word syllabi, but honestly read your syllabus. I know they may be long and a little boring, but they will give you some good information such as what textbooks you need and when your professor’s office hours are. It also gives you a good schedule of important dates. Trust me, it’s going to help you out in the long run, when in two months you are invariably working last minute on a project and need to know what form to cite your sources in.

do some laundry

Not to sound like your mother or anything, but doing laundry is a factor of college life and an important one at that. Aim to do your laundry at least once a week and wash your bedsheets at least once a month (who knows what stains you might accumulate.) Make sure to clean out the dryer lint trap. Trust me, these steps will make those in your classes around you eternally grateful. 

just go to the bathroom

You really don’t have to raise your hand.

College of Charleston Class of 2026. Communications Major and Creative Writing Minor. Feminist and LGBTQ+ Activist. Lover of Musicals, Old Bookstores, and Cheesy Horror Movies.