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Simple Heartfelt Gifts to Give this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it can be hard to think of creative and inexpensive ways to spoil the people you love. The statistics speak for themselves. This year it is projected that Valentine’s Day spending will amount to $21.8 billion with a b. That’s about $164 per person. With 4.1 billion going to jewelry, 2 billion on flowers, and 2 billion on candy. If you want to think outside the box this year and within the confines of your college budget, read below for some cute ideas. Whether you’re giving to your besties, your fam, or a SO, these gifts are sure to bring anyone in your life some love.



I discovered this through a Tik Tok ad. For around $10, you can customize this cute photo cube with pictures, quotes, and confetti! When your person opens it up they are in for a big surprise, with confetti hearts flying everywhere and a unique display of your pictures. If you want to add on to the price you can even add candy and other fun things.

DIY Crafts

If you’re the crafty type, I think DIYs are the perfect gift to give. Spending a lot of time on something shows how much you care and this website contains some of the most unique ideas! From a vase of cute hearts to cute treat bags and the cutest succulents, there is so much inspiration to make something for someone you care about.

Homemade Cards

Take out all of those colorful markers and pens you have and make someone you love a cute or punny Valentine’s Day card! This shows effort and thought which honestly means the most! Stick it with their favorite candy and you are set!

A Treat
The Lala

You know your people more than anyone else. What do they love the most? Is it lattes, ice cream, donuts? Get creative with their favorite treats and bring it to them on V-Day! There’s nothing like a sweet surprise that shows your person how much you pay attention to the things they like! (FYI, Dunkin is selling pink macchiatos and heart-shaped donuts!)


Does your person love music? Art? Is their love language words of affirmation? Whatever it is, work around that to give them something simple but meaningful. Maybe your friend has been struggling with school and motivation. Get a mason jar, paint it pink and fill it with heart-shaped words of encouragement! Or make your SO a playlist on Spotify of all the songs that make you think of them.

I hope one of these ideas has been inspiring for you. Money doesn’t equal love or kindness. To me, it is always the thought that counts. I wish you all the happiest of Valentine’s Days! XOXOXO



Hi, my name is Samantha! I am a senior here at the College of Charleston and am majoring in psychology. My interests include music, beauty, fitness, good food, and the city of Charleston!
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