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Okay guys, is anyone else excited as me to hear Red (Taylor’s Version)? Since it comes out in one week, I thought I would talk about a few of the things about this album that are going to make it different than its original release.

It includes the highly anticipated 10-Minute Version of All Too Well

The highly anticipated version of the hit song, All Too Well which includes around 5 minutes more of music than the original tells the story of her and Jake Gyllenhaal. Yes, he is the “little kid with glasses and a twin sized bed” who also played t-ball. This song shows the idea that after a relationship, you still remember the thoughts and feelings of when you were invested in the person you were with.

There will be brand new songs that we never heard before

Songs like Ronan, Babe, Message In a Bottle, I Bet you Think About me, The Very First Night (which seems to be about All Too Well), Better Man, Forever Winter, Run, and Nothing New. All of these songs seemed to exist since around 2012 when she came out with this album, but it did not make the cut…yet.

We’re getting so much more than we ever could have wanted

In total, compared to the 2012 version album of the same name, Taylor’s Version has 30 songs total, including A Message From Taylor which was available before the release of the album. This is about double the amount of the original album!

I really can’t help the excitement — this release has made me overwhelmed with the nostalgia the 2012 Version has given me all these years. I was 11 when this original album came out, and my best friend and I would recreate music videos using Video Star; classics like I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Getting Back Together. I was just a pre-pubescent tween in fifth grade, about to be in middle school, having no business making 22 my hype song. Now it still is! Back then, Stay Stay Stay was the cutesy song with light instrumentals. Now growing up, I’ve learned that Stay Stay Stay was about Swift’s relationship with JFK’s brother’s grandchild, Conor Kennedy: the former President’s grandnephew

Now it’s time to plan on a Taylor Swift themed 22nd birthday.

A psychology major and Sophomore at the College of Charleston. From Northern Virginia.