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Rating My Favorite Study Spots as a Freshman on Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

I am a big advocate for needing a different space to study depending on what I am working on, and what my mood/motivation is. As a student in the honors college, I have put in work throughout high school but never realized until my senior year that where I study has an effect on my productivity, especially depending on which subject I am working on. This semester, I am taking some courses that take a lot of effort for me to do the work, and make sure I am focusing on that specific subject then, and not being distracted by my surroundings.

My Dorm Room Desk – 6/10

When I was packing for college, I presumed that I would spend most of my time studying at my desk, as I did in high school. I had planned ahead of time and brought a monitor screen, which is amazing for researching and other activities where you might want multiple tabs open at once and be able to see them clearly. What I did not realize was that my desk was one of the only areas in my dorm where I am able to place things other than my bed. I have storage on there for different folders, books, and textbooks, along with snacks, clothes, my backpack, water bottles, and anything else that may accumulate throughout the week. 

It is very nice when I have the motivation to clean off my desk, but that takes about 20-30 minutes of my studying time unless I just throw it all onto my bed, which has been done quite a few times.

Addlestone Library – 9/10

Ah yes, the library. For someone who needs a good, quiet space to study, the library is perfect. The plenty of different areas to study are very nice as well, allowing me to read in the softer black chairs, study with friends at a table, or work alone in one of the “cubicle” like spaces. This is my most productive spot to get work done, and it is just a short walk from my dorm, allowing me to take those few minutes to breathe in before and after a long study period.

My Dorm Hall Study Room – 6/10

This is a relatively productive spot to study. It is just four doors down from my dorm, which is very nice for when I decide I need to drink coffee to keep me motivated. It also gets rid of walking back to the dorm at night, which is very nice for me, someone who overthinks what is going to happen while walking the streets alone at night. 

There are two major disadvantages for me. The first one is that it is the emptiest room ever, causing it to be very echoey and cold. Like, I need a blanket and sweatshirt to be able to study there for a long time. The lights also buzz pretty often, which is distracting for me. 

The other disadvantage is that it is right next to the elevator and stairs, and the hallways are VERY echoey. That paired with the fact that the dorm doors decide to slam shut whenever someone leaves, means every 30-90 seconds, there is a loud slam followed by people walking down the hallways, chatting just a bit too loud for me to be focusing on a 40+ page reading due the next morning. 

Charleston public library – 8/10

My absolute favorite place to study right now. It is just half a mile from my dorm, meaning I get a nice walk before sitting down for a few hours, cramming in whatever assignment I have decided to procrastinate on. There are plenty of sitting areas and it gives off a strong library vibe to it. The one disadvantage is that there are no specific “quiet areas,” so around 3:00 pm, the library is bombarded with kids after school who are coming there to either study or wait to be picked up. Despite that, I am in love with studying here, especially the walk there and back.

Dining Hall – 3/10

The only time I have been productive in the dining hall is before my 9 am class if I get to Liberty by around 8:10 am. This is a good time because most people are not up yet, and those who are often in class already. The dining hall is a distracting environment for me since there is so much going on in the morning, with all the food stations getting set up for the day. There is also a constant stream of people, no matter where you sit in the dining halls. 

I have also attempted to study in City Bistro in between classes while trying to fit a small lunch in, however, it is such a small space with a constant flow of people that it’s even harder for me to focus. The outdoor area of City Bistro is nicer, but you have to deal with everyone walking by and the constant flies as well. Overall, not the best place if I need to be focusing on something. 

Coffee shops – 4/10

I want to love working in coffee shops, and I often really enjoy it when I find a good one, but anywhere near a college campus is just overcrowded and noisy. I have attempted to study at the Addlestone Starbucks and the Marion Square Starbucks, but both have just been constantly busy and not the relaxing area I need to be in for doing math practice problems. 

Now smaller coffee shops around Charleston are often less busy, but this means I am spending almost $10 each time to afford my large oat milk latte with extra espresso shots and syrup as well, so it is not a good economical option for me personally. 

My Bed – 5/10

This is probably the least practical option for almost 99% of the work I need to get done. Although, when it comes to doing work that doesn’t take a lot of brain power, and can be done on my one computer screen, this is such a great option. Not only does it feel relaxing, but I also don’t have to worry about what other people think of me moving around and making noises, such as dropping my backpack or wanting to stretch. 

The one major disadvantage of working from my bed is the fact it is my bed. Not only does it make me feel more likely to fall asleep while working, but it also doesn’t give me that separation between resting and working areas. 

Abby Malloy

C of C '26

Hey there! I'm Abby I'm from Chapel Hill, NC. I'm studying Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Some of my interests include baking with a gluten allergy, coffee, indie/pop music artists, and reading! I enjoy writing as a way to decompress from school work and let my creativity flow through my fingertips onto the screen that you are reading this from!