The Presidents' Dogs

Just look at these presidents' dogs. Since George Washington, most of the presidents to enter the White House have kept the tradition of owning a presidential family dog. George Washington kept almost every type of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club, and he owned a total of 36 dogs in his lifetime. What a true dog lover he was. He was an avid fox hunter so his creation of this tradition definitely makes sense. These presidential dogs are the best friends of our leaders and the best security Pennsylvania Avenue could ask for!

George Washington

George Washington with his many French hounds, fox hunting. Some of their names were Sweetlips, Mopsey, and Truelove. 

Theodore Rosevelt

Our beloved Teddy Roosevelt was a huge dog lover. He is pictured here with his St. Bernard, Rollo, at the White House. Maybe the Rollo candy was named after this fabulously large friend of our brave president. 

Herbert Hoover

President Herbert Hoover and his German Sheppard King Tut. Are these Presidential bff’s names not giving you some great ideas? 

Calvin Coolidge

President Coolidge had two white collies while living in the White House, Rob Roy, and Prudence Prim. He is pictured with both dogs, his wife, and First Lady Grace Coolidge and their son John Coolidge on the steps of the White House. First Lady Grace Coolidge was known for loving all animals and no matter the judgment had a pet raccoon named Rebecca! (Image 2) Rebecca and Grace Coolidge are pictured with each other in the White House Garden.

Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a true love for his Scotty Dog, Fala. He took him around in his car with him for debates and meetings. The memorial of FDR in Washington D.C. includes his best friend right beside him. Are you crying yet? 

Richard Nixon

The amount of dogs President Nixon had is truly inspiring. One of his most famous dogs who did not even get to live in the White House was a small Cocker spaniel named Checkers. This photo shows President Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon with their Yorkie (Vicki) Poodle (Pasha), and Irish Setter (King Timaho). 

Ronald Reagan

Beloved President and actor Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan had always had dogs and for Christmas, in 85 President Reagan gave Nancy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rex. Rex had the finest dog house of all the dogs at the White House being designed by Theo Hayes descendant of President Rutherford Hayes who had dogs in the White House as well. After moving out of the White House after Reagan’s presidency, Rex’s dog house was left for the next presidential companion and all others to come. 

Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson’s dog Yuki was found by his daughter at a gas station! He was one of the president’s favorite dog he ever had.  He also had his two beagles, Him, and Her, a very famous pair of beagles who were pictured on the cover of LIFE magazine one year when LBJ was in office. 

John F. Kennedy

Pictured here is JFK playing with his dog, Charlie. JFK had a lot of dogs in his life and so did his family. Jackie O., grew up with a Springer Spaniel as did John F. Kennedy Jr (son) and Caroline Kennedy (daughter). 

George W. H. Bush (Senior)

President George W.H. Bush and Barbara Bush’s beloved Springer Spaniel, Millie, and her puppies used to walk along the White House lawn with President Bush. I don’t know how this picture could be any cuter; a litter of puppies at the White House! The son of the two Bush’s George W. Bush adopted one of the Puppies along with already having two Scotty Dogs! 

George W. Bush (Junior)

George Bush Jr and his Scotty Dog Barney went most places together. The amount of pictures of these two is abundant. President Bush said that when Barney was at the White House, he guarded it with his life and when at the ranch in Texas he was a fierce armadillo hunter. Barney was a gift to Laura Bush for her birthday from the governor of New Jersey in 2000. 

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton had a Chocolate Labrador Retriever named Buddy! Might I say, what a perfect name for such a chocolatey friend!

Barak Obama

President Barak Obama is literally running through a field of flowers with his Portuguese Water Dog, Bo. It took the family a while to decide what kind of dog they wanted but finally settled on the Portuguese water dog for its obedience and intelligence. They loved Bo so much that they brought another dog of the same breed into the White House, and they named her Sunny.