An Open Letter To My Brother

Dear Brother,

Growing up, I always wished I could pick my brother like I could pick my best friends, but now, I’m glad that I couldn’t. I don’t see you much, but I know you always have my back, and I hope you know I always have yours.

We weren’t the best of friends, we argued a lot, and we grew to be almost polar opposites, but I know that if I am ever in trouble, I can call you. We value different things, we don’t have similar friends, and our music tastes rarely overlap, but none of that really matters. You are my brother and I love you.

We fought, and I mean a lot. I don’t remember a time in our lives where we didn’t argue, bicker, complain, or fight. Some fights were worse than others, and some were more frequent than others, but no matter what, we made up. You are my brother, it doesn’t matter how mad you make me or how much we fight, I know that I can always count on you to have my back and I know that you will always love me. I would like to believe that our fighting was a part of growing up or being complete opposites and that the older we get, the less we will fight. No matter how much we fought or how much we will fight, I love you. 

Though we may not be the best of friends or have the best relationship, I value and appreciate you so much. We have been through a lot together, kept each other’s secrets, and seen the best and worst of each other. You have been by my side for all my ups and downs, whether you wanted to or no, and you have cheered me on or cheered me up through them all. I cannot say thank you enough for everything you have done for me, for all that you have taught more, or for all of the mistakes you made so I didn’t have to.

You make me mad sometimes, but other times you make me laugh until my side hurts. You can be mean or selfish sometimes but there are also times where you are so sweet and unselfish. You have always put up with my crap, my attitude, and my complaining, so thank you. Thank you for being the best big brother I could ask for. We definitely are not the closest brother-sister duo to ever live, but our relationship works for us.

You have such a big heart and I really admire that about you. You try to make others happy, no matter what it takes. You are so smart without trying, and every time we have a conversation you pull out random information and never cease to amaze me. You have so much potential and I cannot wait to see where it takes you. I will always have your back and be your biggest supporter. I love you brother, no matter what!


            Your Little Sister