Netflix's New Competitor: Disney+

November 12th, 2019. The day when the child's heart in everyone began to beat again...the day when Disney+ was released. For those who don’t know, Disney+ is a streaming video service owned by, of course, Disney. It is similar to its competing services like Netflix or Apple TV because it is a video-on-demand service with a library of both movies and television shows. The only difference is that Disney+ is filled with some of our most memorable childhood movies, including content from Marvel Studios, Pixar, National Geographic, and the Star Wars franchise. Currently available in Canada, the United States and the Netherlands, Disney+ is working to be launched in other countries by the end of 2020. Analytics had predicted that Disney Plus would receive upwards of 8 million subscribers by the end of 2019. However, just one day after being launched, Disney+ had over 10 million users signed up, with the help of Verizon's free one-year give away for unlimited wireless customers.

The question now is if subscribers will begin to pay the $6.99 a month once their free trial is over. For Disney fanatics, the answer is clear: yes. In fact, although Disney+ has less content than other video streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu, it is the only place one can go to find all of their childhood favorites for such a low price. Although Netflix dominates the video streaming field with 131 million more subscribers than Disney+, this new platform may soon be catching up.