My Thoughts on Cats the Movie

I love the musical Cats. There I said it. I saw it in New York a few years ago and cried.

I did musical theater in high school, and pretty much the most common opinion among those circles is that Cats is trash. Therefore, I accept that I am also trash.  Despite this difficult path, I fully accept my title as a human with garbage opinions. Last year I wrote a ten-page paper about it, so I am deeply committed to this narrative. Right now, you’re probably thinking …

You would be correct.

In July, the world saw the first trailer for the Cats movie starring Jenifer Hudson, James Corden, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, etc. and people did not like it.

Now that I have established my deep-rooted love for Cats, you can understand now why it hurts me to agree that it was one of the creepiest trailers I have ever seen. They basically used CGI to make people look like cats, but it came out weird.

They just like made up a character for Taylor Swift. Don't get me wrong; I love T-Swift, but she fits in this movie about as much as grilled chicken in a sushi roll. I am really hoping they don’t add some weird pop song in because I can not see T-Swift singing any song in the score of Cats. Also, not to shade the musical but like it has virtually no plot. The beauty of Cats is that its just a bunch of house pets introducing themselves for two hours

They probably are going to add in a new plot, and I feel I will need convincing. I have little to no hope for this movie, but you can bet I’ll be there the weekend it opens. I hope I have a good “memory” when it comes out.

I’ll see myself out.