My Skincare Staples That I'm Never Giving Up

I am a girl who is dedicated to her face especially in these cold winter months! This lovely read will include every item I use in my skincare routine plus some useful tips to help you keep putting your best face forward. 

First things first, here are all the things that affect your skincare routine you probably don't think about: 

  • Pillowcases: Seems strange but trust me on this one. Washing your pillowcases regularly can have a huge impact on your skin.
  • 60-second rule: If you aren't washing your face with your product for at least a minute, then you might as well just not wash your face. All the big skincare nerds have testified that washing your face for at least one minute is the way to get optimal results. It allows your product to break the barrier and really get that deep clean. 
  • Using the same towel/washcloth to dry every day: Maybe you aren't a big germ person or maybe you don't care but seriously dry your face every day with a paper towel. Using the same face towel every day allows unwanted germs to just chill until you use it again and transfer all those little creatures onto your face. 

Now that I've covered these amazing tips (and possibly grossed you out) here are the staple products that I use in my skincare routine day and night. 

1. Biore Acne Charcoal Cleanser available at Target for 6.49.

I find this to be my number one defense against breakouts. I've also found that regularly using this cleanser helps keep my PMS breakouts from being as bad as they used to be.

2. SheaMoisture African Black Soap available at Target for 2.99.

Despite having oily/combination skin, using this as a follow-up cleanser I can clearly see the difference in my skin. I no longer get overly oily or overly dry and I notice that my overall complexion remains balanced and clear and even after all those summer months in the sun. I also really like to use this after the Biore because it has a different purpose, but also because it is gentle cleanser so I'm not overdoing it with my skin. 

3. Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner available at Target for 7.99.

I am a particular fan of this toner because it helps keep my face smooth and clear. It also does wonders at keeping my skin tone even and clear by smoothing rough patches and sweeping dead surface skin. 

4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel available at Target for 14.99.

I top off my skin routine with some much-needed moisturization. I favor this moisturizer because it is lightweight, doesn't make me any oiler and it works to lock in moisture all day so I'm left with soft, supple skin.

If you haven't noticed, I enjoy shopping at Target. It is my go to because I can get everything I need delivered directly to me which is amazing when you're a college student without a car. Also because of many cashback and earning apps give you credit for shopping at Target - especially online! My current favorite is Drop. You can earn points for every dollar spent and in turn, redeem those points for gift cards to everywhere from Starbucks to Sephora and even Amazon!