My Roommate's Makeup Routine

I decided to interview my roommate, Grace, about her beauty routine. Here is our conversation:

A: Alright, so what do you do first?

G: The very first step is to put on some upbeat, but sentimental tunes, preferably Harry Styles, or even better One Direction.

*note: we are a One Direction household. 

G: But, the actual first step is always skincare. I like to make my base the best it can be before I cake it up, using my Chanel anti-pollution gentle foaming cleanser. After my face is, in fact, clean, I follow up with The Ordinary's hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil (I only use two drops and put them in my dry areas). Once my skin is glistening like the peanut butter baby, I like to let everything marinate on my face for a good 10 minutes so everything can soak in. After that, I am ready for action.

A: So what do you do for makeup?

G: I like to prime using a pore-filling primer like Tarte's clean-slate primer in areas like my smile lines or nose crease... 

*note from Grace: Sorry, I'm 21 and have wrinkles. Idk what to tell you, but I guess you can't pick and choose your battles.

G: ANYWAY, I like to use a hydrating primer on the other areas of my face (Maybelline and e.l.f. have decent ones).

A: Alright, so spill the tea on your foundation. I have been searching for a new one.

G: For foundations, because I am a wimp, I use a tinted moisturizer. Unfortunately, I did in fact go into Sephora and tell the lady at the desk that I wanted "mom makeup". After the lady was done scoffing at me, I was questioned on what defines "mom makeup". I explained I wanted a foundation that was not cakey, and that I could legit put on my face with my fingers. She then pointed me to my OG tinted moisturizer: the YSL TOUCHE ECLAT All-in-One Glow. It exceeded all of my expectations. Although it is on the pricier side of tinted moisturizers, I have found you can build it to medium coverage and it even has SPF 23 (yes idk why such a random amount). It protects you from the sun all while giving you hydration, and is oil-free so it won't clog your pores!

A: Okay, Grace, that's really cool, but I don't have perfect skin like you. 

G: Well, Addie, I think you forgot that I am, in fact, a magician and do not have perfect skin. I slob on my e.l.f. hydrating camo concealer whenever the time comes. I, once again, use my fingers.

*note from Grace: I would like to apologize to all the actual beauty gurus, because I'm sure you all are repulsed and stuck in a cringing state of being. 

G: Then, so I don't look like a flat wall, I take my NYX contour pallet. I highly recommend this pallet because it has so many different shades that will work well for a wide spectrum of skin tones.  After that, I pop some blush all over my cheeks and nose. Although I will never look like Madison Beer, I douse my face with the Anastasia blush. I mean, a girl can dream, right?

A: Hahaha, oh my gosh. A girl can only dream. 

G: Then, once I achieve the right level of rosiness, I set my face with my Mac Fix Plus. This step is crucial to ensure your makeup will last longer than 15 minutes in this Charleston humidity.

A: That's a fact. Okay, now for my favorite part of my makeup routine; eyebrows. What do you use? 

G: This part is very important, so listen closely. Everyone is sleeping on Ulta's makeup line. Their eyebrow pencils are FANTASTIC. I have dirty blonde hair but I like to use the taupe shade because anything darker makes my eyebrows super dark.

*note from Addie and Grace: We would like to give a moment of silence for our eyebrows in 2015.

A: So, what do you do for eye makeup? I need some help in that department, sis.  

G: I will fluff some bronzer in the crease of my eyes and add some Telescopic mascara. I unfortunately was not blessed with lengthy lashes, but L'Oreal does the job just fine. If I'm feeling super extra, or if I got no sleep, I will pop some white eyeliner in my waterline. This adds the effect that you are awake, or excited to see people when you really might not be.  My last but favorite step. Two words. Becca Highlighter. All over. I would bathe in it if I could. I like Opal, but if you are fair-skinned, I recommend Champagne Pop. 

A: I love the Becca Highlighter. What do you do to take it all off? 

G: For makeup remover, I use this awesome product. She's all organic and free! Tears!

A: Grace, oh my gosh hahaha. 

G: Haha jk, we're all about self-positivity and love. But I use Burt's Bees cleansing oil. It breaks up all of the makeup. And then, I'll go in with my face wash to get rid of what was left behind. Then, I apply my Tatcha moisturizer to finish it off!

A: Alright, cool. Well, you can do my makeup anytime. 

We hope y'all enjoyed this! See ya later!

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.