To my High School Friends

To my high school friends, 

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? After four years of friendship, we are beginning our first year of college. The six-hour drive to our home in Virginia has never seemed so long. As September begins, I can’t believe that I won’t be spending these long weekdays in high school classrooms with you. I can’t believe that we won’t ever sit at the same lunch table in the senior commons, gossiping about teachers and classmates. I can’t believe that I won’t spend my weekends running, shopping, going out to eat, and dreading homework with you. 

I can’t believe all of these things, and yet they make up a reality that I am learning to face. This year, we will all go to our separate colleges and have completely different experiences. Already we have met our roommates, made new friends, and joined new clubs and organizations. Almost every day, I have a new story to tell you, and I wish you were here. While I know that we are growing to be young, exciting, independent women, I hate the idea of entering this next chapter without the two of you by my side. I felt lucky that both of you were there for me when I was frustrated, worried, or just sad about something. You helped me understand what confidence feels like. With both of you in my corner over the past four years, I feel like I am heading in the right direction. 

I am fortunate to call you my friends for life. While we won’t speak every day or even call for a long time, I know that’s okay. Drifting apart is bound to happen in any friendship that lasts beyond high school. We are now in perhaps the most exciting part of our lives. We will form new friendships, and make new memories without each other. It’s time for us to dive into the opportunities we encounter - and celebrate the differences in our paths from this point forward.

In case we don’t hear from each other often, I want both of you to know that I am so excited for everything that you are about to do. Whether it’s having the most spirit at every football game or acing biology exams, I want you to go all in. I will always remember you as the best friends who supported me, but also pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I can never express how thankful I am to have shared four years with you. 

Here’s to the future. 

With love,