My First Semester of College

Starting college, I felt terrified. The first few days I cried a lot and just wanted to go back home. I did not know anyone here, and for me, it was a little different. Most people start in the fall semester (August). I started in the spring semester (January). By the time I got here, most people already formed their friend groups, and I felt like I was out of place. I wanted to go back to high school with all my friends. As the semester went by, I started meeting people in random ways and began to accept this place. I realized that college might not be the same as high school, but it definitely is not the worst place. More and more, I made new friends, started exploring, and might I say - started having so much fun! Then came spring break. I thought I would be so happy to go back home. And I was, but it felt different. It didn’t feel like home. Spring break was calm and wonderful, but there was something missing. The moment I never forget was when I got back to Charleston. As the car was driving through campus, I felt this unknown excitement start to boil inside of me. When I got out of the car, I had the biggest smile on my face and just wanted to jump up and down. This was my home. This is where I belong. I saw my friends come up to me and I just knew. The transition from high school to college was difficult, but I would never want to be anywhere else. I absolutely love it here, and yes, even though classes are tough, I would never choose anything else. I would say my first semester was impeccable. I learned so much, especially on how to live independently. I have gained so much knowledge on street smarts and overall has expanded my mind. I have become more liberal and seen things that I never saw before. This semester was memorable, and I will never forget it.