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I’m pretty sure that if you have ever talked to either my mom or me, you would know that we are obsessed with concerts. Like one time, we went to three in a single week. (Yeah, obsessed!) I will pretty much drop anything to go to see my favorite artists live—sorry in advance to my professors. But, something about the feeling of being surrounded by complete strangers, belting out your favorite songs, and pretending that your favorite singer pointed and winked at you in a crowd of 10,000 will never get old for me. My favorite part besides the actual concert is getting ready with your friends and hanging out in line hours before to secure that perfect spot, freezing your butt off, and talking to random people about literally everything and anything. Honestly, there is not an experience quite like this.

This past weekend was my first concert in two years. Two years! COVID-19 really put a damper on my concert experience as everyone canceled their tours—for obvious safety reasons—and just started back up again this fall. So, I jumped at the chance when one of my favorite bands, Surfaces, announced their tour this summer and immediately bought tickets to see them in Charlotte. Quick promo: if you haven’t listened to them yet, girl, get on it! Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki are geniuses when it comes to creating music perfect for getting you in a fantastic mood to start your day or for relaxing on the beach during a long summer day. They are most famous for their song Sunday Best—I know it’s not the best song, but I promise to give their other songs a listen, it’s worth it!

Overall, the six-hour drive back and forth from Charlotte in less than 24 hours and waiting in the chilly weather for two hours before the show to get a good spot was well worth it because I had the time of my life! It felt amazing to be surrounded by thousands of people—all proved to be COVID-19 vaccinated and tested before entering :)—and hearing my favorite songs live. I cannot even explain how much I missed being able to go to concerts, but I am so glad that tours are beginning to start back up again! So, if anyone ever wants to go to a concert, you know who to come to! 

Here’s a playlist with my favorite songs and albums by Surfaces:

Kiley is currently a junior at the College of Charleston and pursuing a major in Communication and minoring in Dance and Marketing. She is from Ocean City, New Jersey, and loves the summer and going to the beach. Whenever she is not dancing, she is usually hanging out with friends and family, going on long walks, getting coffee, or listening to good music!