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Throughout my life, I have been to plenty of weddings and funerals, but never once a baby shower. This baby shower was a special one because it was for my brother (who I'll call Jason) and his beautiful girlfriend (Annie). It was also a surprise for them because they thought I wasn’t coming. My brother and I were talking on the phone one day and he said “I wish you could come, sis. It’s no big deal though!” I could tell by Jason’s tone that he was bummed out about it. Little did he know, my ticket was already booked. So, I packed my bags when the time came, and headed off to the Charleston airport. My mom threw a small gathering for my dad and his friend's birthday that night. I was feeling a little nervous because I knew Jason would be there. 

I was hoping he would be surprised, and when he walked through those doors his jaw dropped! Annie was still outside getting something from the car. When my brother went back outside he didn’t tell her who was in there. As soon as she saw me, she yelled “MORGAN!” All things considered, I would say it was a successful surprise. The couple had no clue; my mom and other brother almost slipped up and gave it away a couple of times, but were able to catch it. I spent a few days relaxing at home, and once Saturday rolled around, we all got dressed for the baby shower. Annie's best friend (let’s call her Holly) threw the baby shower. Holly said this was her first time throwing an event like this, and overall it turned out pretty well. It was inside a gorgeous apartment suite, and when we walked in, there were blue balloons everywhere and lots of gifts. 

Since COVID-19 exists, there weren’t too many people around, probably less than ten and most of it was family. Speaking of family, we had not met Annie's family, and obviously, they were there. It was so nice meeting them, and they were so easy to talk to. Most of the evening, we chatted, took some cute photos, and ate some food. Towards the end of the night, they opened their sweet baby gifts. After Annie’s friends left, we decided to go out to a taco restaurant for dinner, and it was a great way to end the evening. Jason and Annie were so happy that I came, but sadly the next day I packed my bags again and drove to the Atlanta airport. I felt like the whole trip never happened even though it just had.

What was your first baby shower experience like? I hope it was as sweet as mine was!

Hey guys! I am a senior here at College of Charleston, with a major in hospiality. I am originally from Atlanta, but since I have been in Charleston the last three years it feels like a second home. In my spare time I love to create videos for my YouTube channel, go on nice walks, and LOVE to write. I have taken a variety of fictiong writing courses here at CofC, and usually my stories are from personal experience with a little dramatic touch. I'm hoping one day to turn this hobby into a career, and I'm excited to share some work during my last few months as a college student. 
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