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My Favorite Red Carpet Looks from the 2019 Oscars

Admittedly, awards season is my favorite season when it comes to fashion. I just adore seeing all the looks my favorite celebrities sport on the red carpet. So, lucky you for you, I’m all about sharing. So here go my favorite looks from the 2019 Oscars. 

1. Fatma Al Remaihi 

Given my favorite color is very close to this exact shade of blue, I had to do this list justice and include this beauty!


2. Michelle Yeoh 

This dress makes me super jealous I couldn’t wear something this dashing to prom. 


3. Billy Porter 

Now, this is MY Reigning Supreme! (If you know, you know)


4. Amandla Stenberg 

Not only is this dress giving my roaring 20s vibes, but those finger wave braids? ICONIC.


5. Stephan James 

This suit is everything a suit SHOULD be.


6. Spike Lee 

A living legend, need I say more?


7. Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet 

The due we love but don’t deserve.


8. SZA 

She’s giving me beautiful angel vibes and I am here for it 100%.


9. Danai Gurira 

I normally wouldn’t be a fan of a dress like this, but she is serving nothing but looks!


10. Chadwick Boseman 

Is this your king?!? He sure is mine.


11. Constance Wu 

I love the tulle and this dress is giving me amazing Lemonade vibes.


12. Awkwafina 

We love a good womanly serve in a suit.


13. Octavia Spencer 

Ugh, what a woman!


There you have it, my lucky 13! As always, thank you to the amazing designers dressing these amazing people and thank you to the photographers for capturing such great shots!


Shy King

C of C '22

My name is Shy and I currently attend College of Charleston - Class of 2022. I’m interested in just about a little of everything!
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