My Current Netflix Watch List

My favorite way to relax or spend a little hurrication is by watching Netflix. Since I've essentially seen everything on there I've decided to rewatch some personal favorites and new material. So here are my current top five of must-watch shows on Netflix. 

1. "Cannon Busters" 


This is a new anime that happens to be a Netflix Original. I've seen nothing but raving reviews from Twitter about how amazing it is. Created by LeSean Thomas, Netflix has yet to announce if they'll be a season two but fans are holding out hope. I for one hope so as I hate getting attached to shows on Netflix and seeing them discontinued. 

2. "The OA"


A show that quickly grew on me. I love everything about it and hope it never ends! This is a big rewatch for me and I'm excited to see if I notice anything I didn't catch the first time around. 

3. "Altered Carbon" 


After finding out it got renewed for another season, I couldn't contain my excitement. From the running Edger Allen Poe reference to lead actor Joel Kinnaman, everything about this show is a delight. This definitely a show that'll draw you right in. 

4. "Reign" 


While this isn't a Netflix original, it is a show that I've enjoyed many many times over. I just can't help rewatching Mary and Francis fall in love all over again. I'm currently in the middle of rewatching it now and will continue to do so until Netflix decides to give it the boot. 

5. "Kiss Me First" 


For me, this show had a rather slow and slightly confusing start. Once I started watching it more I became obsessed. There are so many twists and turns and secrets I'm in desperate need of a second season. If you watch it, it'll be the best decision you ever made.