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My #1 Pin from Each of My Boards

Pinterest is a social media website that has mixes my favorite things - beautiful things and minimal human interaction. Truly Pinterest is the best site for everything from recipes to DIY projects all the way to planning your wedding. It's versatility and endless information makes it a great place for all the creatives with an amazing idea and not enough money. So, here is my favorite pin from each of my Pinterest boards!1. ClothingAn entire board dedicated to the cool outfits I rock in my head but can't afford to actually buy. My favorite #OOTD from this board is this beautiful ensemble:(Source) 2. Cups!Weird/Fun Fact About Me: I'm an avid cup collector. I love buying all the cute cups, mugs, and bottles I come across, so this pin almost serves as a shopping list or gift registry. I also really love puns so it makes sense my fave from this board is an Adele-inspired mug:(Source)3. DIY ProjectsI mean do you really have a Pinterest if you don't have a DIY projects board?? Mine is for all the projects I want to do but don't have the time for. I'm currently eyeing this DIY chunky wool blanket:(Source)4. Dorm Room Things My big move to college was one I was really unsure about. I kept wondering how would I decorate my room and what kinds of things I may need. This board served as great decoration and inspo and helped me discover this bedside basket that makes living in a lofted bed 10x better!(Source)5. Dresses Watching the show Reign on The CW made me realize my love and appreciation for beautiful dresses so it makes sense that my favorite pin from here is from Mary, Queen of Scots from the show.(Source)6. Food!Remember I said earlier it's a great place for recipes? Well, I love to cook so my food board is jam-packed with various recipes I aspire to try someday. My mouth is currently watering thanks to this Lemon Garlic Butter Steak with Spinach:(Source)7. Future Home Things I'm the girl who aspires to build her dream home someday and along with that comes all the designing of the interior! This board is dedicated to all the interior design aspects I hope to use in my home. I've recently found that I really would like to have a very spacious bathroom and large tub similar to this:(Source)
8. Hair Diversity My go-to place for hairstyles and easy natural hair upkeep! I'm really feeling this red dye job as a new hair color:(Source)9. Makeup LooksI got into makeup around 10th grade in high school and ever since then its become this hobby that I just enjoy. In this board are a bunch of cute makeup looks I hope to recreate for fun or even for an event! This soft glam look is paired with a red lip which is my favorite thing to rock:(Source)10. Ring BlingLast, but not least is the board dedicated to all the beautiful rings I see on Pinterest. In all honesty, it's just there for my future husband so he knows exactly what I like when its time to pop the question! I'm really feeling a ring style that combines my birthstone and diamonds similar to something like this:(Source)Full disclosure: This is by far not all the boards that make up my Pinterest time, but if you do want to see more pins similar to this or check out some of my other boards you can find me on Pinterest at Lunaadeluxe. Happy Pinning!P.S. Stuck trying to figure out what to get someone? If they have a Pinterest, the answer is in the pins!
Shy King

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My name is Shy and I currently attend College of Charleston - Class of 2022. I’m interested in just about a little of everything!
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