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Meet Meredith Wohl, ’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.


Meredith Wohl

Hometown: La Crosse, Wisconsin

Major: Double major in Political Science and History

Year of Graduation: 2017

Tell me a little about yourself!

Of course, I love to talk! I realized that pretty early in life. Well, I moved here from Wisconsin, but I’ve moved around my whole life. I’m originally from Long Island, New York, and from there I moved to Detroit, Michigan and then to La Crosse, Wisconsin, so that’s why I have such a mix of accents.


What made you choose the College of Charleston?

I love Civil War History! Once I decided I wanted to major in history, I began to apply to lots of Southern schools. I’d really like to give historical tours over the summer and I think it’s amazing to get to study in a city so rich with Civil War history. Plus, I came here to be a part of the Cistern Yard Radio.


How did you get involved with Cistern Yard Radio?

At Accepted Student’s Weekend I went to a party, and while I was there I started mixing some music and playing some of my favorite songs off of my phone. There were some seniors there that were with Cistern Yard Radio, and they liked my music and told me that if I decided to go to COFC I should apply for a job at the radio! I did, and once I got the job, I decided I would definitely be attending COFC.


What kind of music do you like?

Everything! I play a lot of 60s music and indie pop, but I love so many different genres. I’ve always had a passion for music; I grew up around music and musicians; some of my closest friends and my boyfriend were in a band in high school, and I helped them find places to play and tried to spread the word about them. 


What kind of work do you do for the Cistern Yard Radio?

I’m the Assistant PR Manager, so basically I work with a group of people who interviews bands, talks to local venues about upcoming shows, goes to gigs to take photos and record, and tries to get the student body more involved with the local music scene. This is our first year on the radio, so part of my job is to get students interested! We work with the Cougar Activities Board a lot to make things happen—last weekend we organized for Big K.R.I.T. to come and perform! I really love working at the radio—we’re like a family. It feels very special to be a part of this.


What are some of your future aspirations?

Right now I want to pursue law. Like I said, I love to talk! 


Are you planning on getting involved with any other organizations at C of C?

Absolutely! I was captain of the debate team in high school, so I’m looking forward to being involved with that again. I’ve joined lots of clubs—Russian Club, Jewish Student Union… and I want to join the Academic Team. Also, since I’ll be a pre law student, I want to apply to the SGA Honor Council, since they’re concerned with violations of the Honor Code and they deal with all sorts of matters of jurisdiction.  

Camilla States is a member of the class of 2015 at The College of Charleston.  She hails from the seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, where she enjoys spending her summers on both land and sea.  A Communications major also pursuing a minor in Political Science, Camilla aspires for a future career in broadcast or print journalism. She is also studying Modern Standard Arabic, with hopes of one day becoming proficient in the language. From a young age, Camilla has held a fascination for world geography and foreign cultures.  She hopes to someday traverse the world, from New England to New Zealand and everywhere in between.