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Madison McGhee ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Name: Madison McGhee

Age: 18

Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Major/Minor: Major in Communications with two minors in Business Administration and Spanish

Dream Career: to be the next Ellen DeGeneres


What clubs/organizations are you involved with on campus?

  • Student Government Association
  • Delta Gamma Fraternity

  • Charleston 40

  • Stern Center Advisory Board

  • Tobacco-Free Campus Ad Hoc Committee

  • Best Buddies

  • CisternYard



As a current member of the Student Government Association, what have you focused on this past year?

“From the fall 2013 SGA retreat, I knew that a 24/7 library on campus was a very hot topic for students. I decided at that point to make it a top priority and a personal initiative to work towards. On March 18, 2014, I presented a resolution for a 24/7 library before SGA which was paired with a petition signed by 1,171 students. This resolution passed and will be given to the Administration. As the year developed, I worked very hard to make sure students were informed and their opinions were heard about the very controversial issues facing our campus.”


What is your favorite thing about being a Charleston 40 Tour Guide?

“Being a tour guide is such a rewarding experience. I can remember how difficult it was to make a college decision and the questions I had as an incoming freshman. My tour of The College was absolutely incredible and one of the main reasons I decided to enroll – (Thank you, Shane Silpe!) I am really thankful for the opportunity to play such a large role in someone’s decision. There is no greater feeling than walking passed a student in The Cistern and hearing them whisper, “That was my tour guide.””


So you’ve procrastinated all weekend, it’s 3 am Sunday night (Monday morning), and you’re writing your 8 – 10 page research paper … what is playing on your iPod?

“Any song by Florence + The Machine!”


Don’t forget to support this week’s Campus Celebrity by logging on OrgSync between March 26 – 27 to vote for her for SGA Study Body Secretary!