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For the Love of Sunshine

I don’t know about you guys, but the last few weeks here in Charleston, SC have been driving me crazy. I try to get a little bit of time outside everyday, because it really just puts me in a better mood. While I have been getting time outside during the last few weeks, I have been missing that good mood I get from being in the sunshine… so here are some ideas of ways to get that happy, sunshine feeling even if there are nothing but grey skies above your head.

Make a Happy Playlist!

I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that music can completely change my mood very quickly. Whether I need a good playlist to keep me going while running or a chill playlist for when I am trying to concentrate and get work done, I love making playlists for different reasons, and I think that everyone needs a “happy playlist”. 

Check out these two of my favorite playlists to boost my mood if you’re needing some inspiration:



Laugh, laugh and laugh some more! 

This may sound cheesy, but to me, laughter is like instant sunshine for the soul. I feel so lucky to have roommates that make me laugh everyday, and those moments that we spend practically crying in the kitchen because we are laughing so hard mean everything to me. If you don’t happen to live with two in-house comedians… find things that appeal to your sense of humor, and make you really laugh out loud. (SNL anyone?)

Reach out to someone that you miss.

Have you ever gotten a text or phone call from someone that you haven’t talked to in ages? That “oh my gosh, I forgot how much I missed you!” feeling can bring you so much joy. Maybe you haven’t received that call or text in a while, so instigate it! Reach out to people when they pop into your head and catch up!

I hope that these little, easy ideas can bring you some light on the grey days. And when the sun does come back out, get outside and soak it in!

Hello! My name is Kate, I am from Dallas, Texas and I will be graduating from CofC in the Spring of 2023. I am an international business major with a Spanish minor and a member of the CofC Sailing Team.
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