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A Little Southern, A Little Charm: Meet Craig Conover

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

In 2014, Bravo aired the show Southern Charm located in our beautiful city of Charleston, SC. Southern Charm revealed the life and scandals of Charleston’s socialites.  Although, most of the Southern Charm cast can be traced back through generations of families in South Carolina, small town boy, Craig Conover would be an exception. Originally from Fenwick Island, DE, he quickly won over viewers and fit in perfectly in the Charleston social scene after he graduated from College of Charleston in 2010 with a degree in business administration. So what is this CofC alum and former Kappa Sigma social chair up to? And what are his thoughts on recent scandals at The College? We’ll tell you!

Taite: Why did you pick the College of Charleston?

Craig: I knew I wanted to get away from Delaware. I mean I love Delaware but I just didn’t have a lot of friends and I wanted a different path. Something told me I needed to get away. I had never heard of Charleston until I went to senior week in Myrtle Beach, SC. One of my best friends was a year above me and said, “Dude why don’t you just drive down to Charleston.” I did and within two days I fell in love with it and applied.

Taite: What do you love about Charleston?

Craig: I love how its okay to be nice to each other. You’re the weird one if you don’t say hi to someone on the street. I get lost all the time even though I’ve lived here for 10 years and I can just ask people directions. Don’t expect to go to the bar and have people not talk to you. You’re going to make friends everywhere.

The initial thing I loved was that people dressed up. I’ve always loved dressing up and fashion. At home we’re all athlete and wear sweats and uggs, not that that’s a bad thing but now I can come here and people dressed up to go to class. It’s cool. I like it. Its completely different then Delaware. Its almost like the New York corporate world. Chances are you’re going to run into someone you want to be seen looking nice for. I remember dressing up to go to the library. When I was there [College of Charleston] the library was a fairly new place and you would go to see girls you like. It could be midnight and I would try to look nice.

Photo from BravoTV.

Taite: How do you feel about Greek life with all the controversy going on at CofC?

Craig: We need to address the real issues going on and not just point figures at “those damn fraternities.” Just because I get to wear letters doesn’t change who I am. The real issues are not Greek life. Look at me, I consider myself an upstanding citizen. My girlfriend and I try to help as many people as possible. We do it cause we’re kind people who care and I was social chair of my fraternity. In college I tried to be there with my frat brothers to help out people in need. The problem is there’s just shitty human beings out there and they can be in any aspect of our lives. There’s always one bad egg that ruins it for everyone. Then it’s stereotyping. Greek life doesn’t encourage bad behavior.

Taite: What do you think of when you think Charleston, SC?

Craig: I think of hospitality. I also think of comfort. I pray every night that everyone can find a moment of comfort in the night. I think Charleston represents a place where you can come and be treated as a human being no matter who you are.

Photo from BravoTV.

Taite: How has being on a TV show changed your life?

Craig: It has allowed me to accomplish a lot of my goals. I didn’t want to be wealthy to have cool stuff, I wanted to use that money to be a philanthropist and help people. Southern Charm allows me a lot of free time to put into Habitat in Humanity or go to Haiti. I can make someone’s day by taking a picture. I get to put smiles on so many faces. It really opens your eyes. Anything that puts you into a position to help people is good.

Taite: What advice do you have for a CofC student?

Craig: For me being around supportive people is good. Even though I lived in a fraternity house and sometimes we were equally bad influences on each other, when it came time for midterms we were equally good influences on each other. If you have a group, you can’t skip out on studying as easily.

My real raw advice is have fun. These are the four years you can really find yourself and become a well rounded and culture person in every aspect, weather its going out or business meetings or how you study well, anything. Just don’t over do it. I had two best friends die. It’s scary. Even as crazy as I was I stayed balance. My crazy was going out but I wasn’t mixing drugs or getting out of control. Remember you are there to make your family proud. At least put some effort into school. Also go to class. College isn’t too bad if you show up.

Featured image coutesy of Taite Daisey.

I am currently a sophomore at the College of Charleston. I am majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Political Science. At CofC I am on the crew team, a member of Sigma Kappa and on the HerCampus team. I am originally from Fenwick Island, DE but now live in Charleston full time. My favorite things to do in my spare time are to go shopping or to go for a run!
Born and raised in the northernmost state, Alaska, Marissa flew south to College of Charleston for a little more sun and a little more heat.  She believes a good life involves coffee, puppies, and more coffee and free time is her favorite thing not to have.