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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: Debriefed

The recently Oscar-winning film, A Star Is Born, has not just gathered media buzz for the critically acclaimed music and romantic plot.  The on-screen romance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has raised eyebrows as fans question whether or not it has translated off-screen.  Bradley has been in a committed relationship with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk since 2015 and the pair share a daughter together while Lady Gaga just broke off her five-month-long engagement to talent agent Christian Carino.  Fast forward to the Oscars where Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform a STEAMY performance of the hit song “Shallows” from A Star is Born.  The eye contact was heavy, the body language was suggestive, and at one point it seemed like Gaga went in for the kiss.  At the after party, Irina and Bradley seemed distant as he spent most of his time huddled in the corner talking to Gaga. The question is...what will happen with Gaga and Cooper?

Personally, I want Gaga and Cooper to get together.  The chemistry between them on screen and especially on stage was undeniable.  There is no way Gaga and Cooper haven’t spent a few extra hours in the studio just to spend time together.  No question in my mind that Gaga and Carino’s relationship ended because of Bradley. Will Bradley and Irina end their relationship so that Braga (yes I made that up) can become a thing?  It is definitely more complicated due to the nature of the child involved but love is love. Bradley and Gaga seem very much in love. The pair possess an undeniable sexual tension; my personal hope is that the two get together.

 In the meantime, while we are all waiting to see what happens with Braga, there are things to look out for on social media that could suggest the evolution of a secret relationship.  Focusing on Irina’s Instagram is essential. How much or little she posts with Bradley is key to determining the level of devotion in the relationship. Bradley does not have an Instagram (it’s a tragedy) so Gaga is where we look next.  If she continues to post throwbacks of the creation of A Star is Born, then it can be assumed that there are residual feelings for Bradley present.  


Grace Cunningham is a senior at the University of Alabama. She is studying under the Pre-Physical Therapy program, majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Fitness. Grace loves to read and cook. She also loves fashion, along with chocolate and ice cream!
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