Kendall and Kylie's Best KUWTK Moments of All Time


These Jenner girls have had so many great moments over the years growing up on Keeping on the Kardashians.



They had their savage moments as kids

But they were just normal teenagers


Like this time Kylie got called out on her inability to do laundry


Or this time Kendall completely called Kris out


These girls speak the absolute truth

Kendall sure knows how to give the best advice


This rates as one of the BEST Kendall moments. All for the body positivity!!


When Kylie was learning to drive, and Kendall thought she would surely die


When Kylie got a little pissed off


When Kylie was all of us

Kendall on her mom

Because this is the best way to describe the heat... 

We are Kendall every single day


When Kylie showed her love for Kendall with a koala hug


King Kylie has the best comebacks, don’t mess


That time Kendall looked absolutely adorable on the red carpet


Kylie firing  back at her haters


When this happened


One of Kylie’s best reaction faces


Kylie playing a hilarious joke with her family’s reality show


Kendall giving her honest opinion here


But first, let me take a selfie


That time Kendall threw this fit


The Jenner sisters know how to have fun together





Kylie channeling all of us college students

Kylie has perfected sarcasm over the years


When Kylie became a Tumblr sensation


Love em or hate em, these girls are taking over the world

Check out that transformation

Kendall and Kylie know how to kill it


Flawlesssssss ladies




It’s a roller coaster ride being a Jenner.  

You have to know how to have a little fun



Congratulations Kendall and Kylie on your new app release!!



They're indestructible